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Pledge from California prep LB Alonso Person pushes KU's 2020 class to 26

Looks like he is a solid WR as well.

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With 5 teams still alive, KU coach Bill Self says it's the other 5 teams that might determine the Big 12 champion

Self was speaking about KSU. Every other team has at least four losses. At minimum, four losses guarantees them at least a tie.

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Report: KU and Les Miles negotiating contract

Charlie had two good years at Notre Dame, with Ty Willingham's roster. As soon as his recruits came in, things went south, quickly. I'm not saying it'll be different but one has a proven track record of recruiting AND winning with his players. One did not.....let's start there....

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Defense attorney argues Bill Self knew about payments to families of KU players

There was a report that the University has had their lawyers at each day of court.

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Kansas staff to see one of nation's top-ranked players on Tuesday

I sat down with Dale Greenlee today and got to talk basketball for nearly an hour and a half. He played for Ted Owens in the mid 70's. He told me one of his favorite parts was helping recruit. He told me about hosting Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins. Anything can happen in recruiting. He was not looked at by Kansas until very late in the process as one of the assistant coaches was from Illinois. He had broke his ankle his senior year in HS and hardly got to play. Coach brought him out. He played some pick-up ball and then was offered at lunch. I believe he told me 7 of the top 8 players his senior year was from Illinois. The U of Illinois coach didn't believe he could play D1. He said he thought about that as he was at the Final Four and Illinois was like 5-23 that season. Was an awesome experience to listen to someone that has wore Kansas across his chest.

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Dedric Lawson says brother, K.J., has 'improved a lot'

KU transfer K.J. Lawson has always sort of seemed to linger in the shadows of his older brother Dedric.

This sentence doesn't help the confusion any, haha.

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KU basketball's red uniforms a request of 'Number 4'

January 22, 2005 in Philly vs. Villanova. 83 - 62 smackdown as KU was number 2 in the country and undefeated. Giddens was on this team.

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Cole Aldrich calls jersey retirement ceremony 'really humbling'

Didn't I see Sasha there as well, sitting next to Cole?

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