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KU women fall to Oklahoma State, 66-63

I understand that Centennial Jayhawk's appearances will be a rare thing, but I'd think Senior Night would have been a good time to bring him out. I'd think Aishah would enjoy that as part of the memories from her final game in Allen Fieldhouse.

Maybe it was past C Jay's bedtime--after all, 100-year-olds can't stay up past 8:00.

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KU women pick up road win at Missouri, 72-63

Well done, ladies! You got a tiger by the tail! The Hard Wood Club bus trip back to Lawrence was surely a happy one. Looking forward to seeing you again in Allen Fieldhouse!

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Davis, Kansas women smash Shockers in WNIT

Agreed, slowplay. I remember the year that Texas Tech was invited to WNIT and didn't accept. I never did understand the thinking (if you can call it that) behind that.

Did you hear about the special deal offered by the athletic department? Buy a ticket for this upcoming WNIT game on Saturday, and receive a free ticket to the Saturday (3/19) or Sunday (3/20) baseball game vs. Oklahoma State.

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Iowa State women's basketball stomps KU, 72-36

I was watching the changing score on ESPN so didn't hear the play by play. However, I was excited that at the end of the first half KU was only behind by five points. And I was hopeful that we'd be able to make that gap up and pull a stunning victory. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

I know we have to play two halves to win, but a "close" first half got buried in the fact that the score ultimately was two points for ISU for every one point for KU. And even the five-point spread at halftime credits ISU's offense rather than KU's defense. "Despite 10 first-half turnovers, the Cyclones were able to muster up enough offense to take a 25-20 lead at halftime." As folks like to holler at the refs, "Call it both ways!"

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KU women open with 73-40 victory over South Dakota

Thanks for the update!

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No more tune-ups: KU women's basketball opens today vs. South Dakota

Was there anyone from the Journal-World at the game? I find it odd that there is nothing posted with AT LEAST the score and which team won. I'm not even asking for stats or analysis. The game has been over for about two hours. This happened last week as well with Washburn. To their credit, the KU athletics department webpage has a score.

You know that for a men's game it would be only minutes after the game's ending that there would be some information posted. I'm just asking for "equal time." If a reporter isn't at the game, get your info from the radio (usually broadcast live, unless there's a men's game at the same time), or the KU athletics page.

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KU's Goodrich to miss remainder of season with torn ACL

Dear Angel, I'm so sorry. You've got the physical pain to deal with, but I imagine the emotional pain of having to sit out another year is as bad or worse. I know you'll be a real "cheerleader" for the team, and encouragement is like Vitamin C--crucial to killing all those negative "bugs". There should be an MVP award for those unable to play, because you'd certainly be up for that.

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Nowhere to hide: KU women suffer historic loss to Wildcats

okjhok says, "Nobody cares." I'm afraid in many cases that is correct. I was at a mall this afternoon after listening to the second half on the radio. I'd comment to people wearing KU clothing, "It didn't go so well for KU today." They'd look at me with a blank stare, and I could almost predict the next comment. "KU didn't play today." Maybe okjhok can tell us what it would take for people to "care." And what can we do so people are at least cognizant that there are two basketball teams?

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