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Mitch Lightfoot included in All-Star contest

The current scuttlebutt with Jackson is that he'd rather go to MSU, but his mom doesn't want him there and prefers KU. The reason being is that in Detroit, there are a lot of people that would see him as their meal ticket/way out, and the closer he is to their influence, the worse. I guess it will all come down to what kind of kid Jackson is. Does he listen to the woman that gave him life, or does he go and hang with his boys for a season? I think he'll wind up with us.

As for Ferguson, I don't think Self's actually pursuing him much if at all. Seems he's understandably miffed to have invited Ferg to prom and then get stood up for Alabama of all programs. If Jackson does wind up elsewhere, that may change, but if he says Rock Chalk on Monday, don't expect to hear about Terrance Ferguson again unless he winds up at Baylor.

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One step closer: Perry Ellis' career night leads Kansas into Elite Eight

I'm very proud of what this team has shown in the dance thus far. Intensity. Focus. Grit. Fearlessness when the chips are down. We'll need it all against Villanova, but win or lose, this has been a successful season. A special season, though, is what we all want and something these guys have shown they're capable of delivering. Eyes on the prize. Keep it going!

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Moving on: Jayhawks get back to Sweet 16 with win over UConn

After euthanizing the Huskies and crushing the Terps, Bill Self is gonna be on the wrong end of a PETA hate campaign. Rock Chalk!

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On to the next round: Jayhawks show 'swag' in tourney win over UConn

Wayne Selden not MIA in this one. Dominant. Did Uncle Anthony and the rest of Jayhawk nation proud. Keep it going all the way to a national title! Rock Chalk!

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Tom Keegan: Blood will be blue in Iowa

To be fair, UConn has 4 titles in the past 75 years vs KU's 3 in that time. It's not like they weren't fielding teams until 1999. KU also fell short of two more titles by a combined 4pts. That said, I want us to get to 5 as soon as we can, and there's no better time than the present to get that done.

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Tom Keegan: Blood will be blue in Iowa

Gotta agree with Ron on this one. Yes, sooner or later a 16 will upend a 1, but Austin Peay ain't gonna be it. They're one of the most defensively challenged teams in the country facing off against one of the most offensively gifted. They don't take a lot of 3s. They don't make a lot of 3s. They don't block shots. They're average at turning teams over. They're 18-17 for a very good reason. Look past Peay. Stare down UConn.

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On a roll: Carlton Bragg, Jayhawks impress in tourney opener

I really hope Selden can get it turned on here fairly soon. Although the outcome of this tournament won't affect anything for KU, I'd feel better heading into the dance knowing Wayne's shot was falling. It kind of reminds me of the slump that McLemore was in back in 2013. From the Big 12 til the Sweet 16, he wasn't hitting much, and even when he did finally break out of it, he missed some good looks in crunch time and Trey Burke took us down. That's not an experience I'd like to see replicated with this team. Luckily we've got more guns this time around.

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Jamari Traylor senses different vibe around Jayhawks entering this postseason

I hope Mari's right. 20 years was too long for so many great teams to go without getting a title. We've got a great shot at it this year. Put in the work. Get it done. Rock Chalk!

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KU opens postseason as AP's No. 1

Villanova seems to me to be the worst of the 1 seeds and a team I'd be happy to play. They haven't beat but one top team they've faced all year. I'm also not sure where you're getting that they have a lot of size. Ochefu is the only player on their roster over 6'8". Duke and Kentucky are both two man teams. If you can contain their main threats, they don't have the depth of talent to hang with anyone. Virginia is the team that looks scariest to me, followed by MSU, who has already handed us a loss. Arizona on a good night can beat anyone too. There just isn't much room for error in this year's field.

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AP names Self top Big 12 coach

Given that we do pretty much have the #1 overall seed locked up, I don't see any reason to even try to win the Big12 tournament. There's really nothing to gain from it, and you're really only risking injuries before the dance. I say, rest your starters and let Svi, Vick, Greene, Diallo, Bragg, and Mick have some fun. That group may even be able to topple the winner of the KSU/OSU game and it would certainly be nice to give them a chance to see what they can do when there is no consequence for losing.

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