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Ellis contributes in variety of ways to KU victory in K.C.

I don't see what was so confusing about my post. I acknowledged his defensive limitations but pointed out that his overall play is still routinely our team's best when you factor in all facets of the game. I think you mistook my post if you think I was saying we should cheer for Perry just because he's the best we have. He's a damn good college player and certainly our best.

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Ellis contributes in variety of ways to KU victory in K.C.

I agree. It seems the fan base has burdened him with the task of being our best scorer, leading rebounder, and elite post defender. He's only qualified for two of those roles (hint---it's not the last one).

Like you mentioned, he doesn't possess the necessary combination of athleticism, length, or strength to bang with the bigger bodies in college basketball. It's slowly dawned on me that there's no amount of "toughness" he can exert to negate these shortcomings. I would like to see some more fire in him from time to time, but Perry just isn't that type of person/player. So let's just appreciate what he does bring to the table---a versatile and sometimes deadly offensive game that keeps our team afloat at times.

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Ellis contributes in variety of ways to KU victory in K.C.

Rodney, you can't disregard a player's accomplishments just because he didn't/hasn't lived up to the lofty expectations we've set for him as a fan base. I'll be the first to admit I've been disappointed with his style of play numerous times this year and have questioned his toughness a few different occasions. But he's also our best player and most consistent performer. He's had huge games against good competition and will have plenty more in his career.

It's time for us to realize he's an undersized post player and will get bullied by bigger bruisers from time to time. His defensive shortcomings pale in comparison to the offensive lift he gives our team though---and make no mistake about it, we would STRUGGLE to score points without him. I don't agree with the Ellis bashing that goes on and I think it's a slap in the face to a great person and a great player.

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Andrew Wiggins to appear on cover of SI

That's just cool.

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KU target Okafor keeps top ranking

I really like the look. I understand the sentiment for the classic uniform, but these are undeniably sharp. They also have a small Jayhawk on the right hip. Can't wait to see what the road and alternates look like.

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Report: T-Rob t-raded

Favorite doesn't mean best...

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Opinion: Cavs’ choice obvious

I can't agree more with the Ray Allen comments. Ray has never had the best handle, but he rarely turns the ball over and makes quick and smart passes when he realizes he won't have a good scoring opportunity. I think Ben displayed similar instincts in Self's system, which bodes well for his future. He might have been too passive at times, but I think people sometimes forget he dropped 30+ points three times and led our team in scoring as a freshman. Pretty good stuff.

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Opinion: Cavs’ choice obvious

Sorry, but "a 6'3" shooter who can't create his own shot" is not a fair assessment of Ben. First of all, he's 6"5', and your label of him as just a shooter seems to undermine his athletic gifts. Almost every scout/analyst says he is the "prototypical" 2 guard with ideal size and supreme physical ability.

I agree he will need to tighten his handle and learn to create his own offense...but I'm willing to bet his coach will utilize Ben just like Self did---by putting him in positions on the court to succeed. People act like Ben will have to come in and run dribbling exhibitions every game. Newsflash: he's going to be be running off screens and finishing in transition, just like he did here at KU. Hopefully he can add new wrinkles to his game and open up his vision with time, which will make him a truly special player. Rock Chalk Ben and congratulations on your big day!!!

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Blog from New York: KU fans wait hours in line to get Ben McLemore's autograph at Times Square

Sounds like a legit theory at first...but then you have to think if Blackstock's true aspirations are becoming a successful NBA agent, his best interests wouldn't be to make enemies with a potential star in the league. The players all talk to each other, and if Blackstock did try to blackmail Ben, well then he won't last very long in the business.

Still though, I could see Ben being so loyal to KU that he would agree to something like that. And agents are about as shady as they come, so the thought isn't too farfetched. Something to think about I guess.

As far as the draft, I think Mclemore, Oladipo, and Porter will be the three most successful players in this class.

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‘Wow’ factor: Cole Aldrich impressed by Jayhawks

My buddy suggested T-Bone as a nickname for Tarik. Just seems like a good fit.

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