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Kansas guard Ochai Agbaji returning to school for junior season

I think sometimes as fans, some of y'all don't understand that all 5 guys on the floor can't be "the guy". Doke and Dot were our guys this year and other than a game here or there, because of the way this team played together and was built..... Ochai wasn't needed to carry a big scoring load. His job was to make the hustle plays and play defense. Did you notice often times if Garrett wasn't on the floor he had to defend their scorers? Even when Garrett was on the floor Ochai still normally guarded one of their better players. Did you notice how many sets were run for him to score the ball? (Hint: not many) They were normally inbounds lob plays when they were specifically for him. Did you notice that regardless of his stats he still was almost always on the floor when it mattered? Stats are fun to look at but don't always tell the story. Ochai is better than some of you think he is. If you can't see it, then you're not paying attention.

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'It's really tough': Loss of spring practices could hit KU football hard

If you're an Iowa fan.......... why be here or comment? I never understood people who are fans of other schools coming in here and being jerks just to make themselves feel better.

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Azubuike, Self receive votes for AP player, coach of the year

Who's the coach who beat the top 2 vote getters........ Bill Self, but he'll never get another coach of the year award because it's just expected. I'd say that the coaching job he did with this years team might be better than almost any other year I can remember. Considering all the black clouds, injuries and suspensions we had and still be unanimous #1 in the country is all the proof I need that we've got the best coach in the country!

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Why didn't KU have a 1st-team AP All-American? It's complicated

The AP All-American team is a joke. It's stat based and nothing more. It's mostly about the guys who are all about getting "theirs". Outside of Toppin, not one of those teams would have been playing into the second weekend most likely. Meanwhile, Dotson and Doke showed up and produced on the biggest stages against the best teams....... 1st teamers without question in my mind!!

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Talk of Kansas basketball hanging a 2020 national championship banner seems tacky

There isn't a team in America that really has a gripe that we weren't the best team in the country as of this week. We proved it on the court, we proved it with our record, we proved it in conference, and we beat some of the best teams in the country in both Power 5 conferences and mid-majors. Not another team in the States has been through some of the things we have (some self inflicted) and still kept winning. Most years we are contenders I have my doubts...... this year I honestly thought that we were so mentally strong and played so well together as a team that I was confident we were going to pull it off. Great season Jayhawks, I personally am about as proud of this team as I ever have been any other! It was an amazing run and I will miss watching this particular group play together. Rock Chalk!!!

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Judge rules KU must turn over evidence in David Beaty lawsuit case

You know what's worse....... having to read your ignorant comments on every single article. We get it, you probably hate your life and sit your basement in your underwear surfing the internet all day and night. Like 2 people on this whole site think your stuff is entertaining and funny. Everyone else can't stand you and wishes you'd stop commenting. If you hate this school and what they do so much, then why continue to be a "fan"? Just stop already, you annoy about 98% of the other readers.

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Benton Smith: Marcus Morris takes deserved spot in Allen Fieldhouse rafters

When you are Big 12 player of the year and an All-American, it's kind of hard to argue that he belongs up there. I mean if you look at some of the other retired jerseys, he's just as deserving if not more so.

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Jayhawks add CBs Dotson and Bryant, DE Anokwuru to 2020 class on National Signing Day

Uhhhhhhh, one has a regular season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and is widely regarded as the best QB in the NFL. The other just had his 4th straight 1,000 yard receiving season, is a multiple time All Pro and considered in the top 2 at his position. Both are Super Bowl Champs...... I'd say they've done quite a bit.

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Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

Yeah, because if anyone doesn't agree with leftist ideas, that must mean they are Trump supporters. You can disagree and NOT be a Trump supporter. Get real, they used this kid in poor judgement and now half the world hates her and her ideas because "adults" didn't have the balls to be adults. She was a part of a dog and pony show and they had no regard for her well being. It was a photo op and you know it. And if you want to get all technical about it.... the triggered ones were Drew and yourself because you felt the need to shame someone for their opinion. That's the definition of triggered.

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Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

This is just another example of the in our feelings, safe space type of people we have to navigate more frequently. Why don't you worry about the student body and let our administration and coaches handle the athletics side. When you're a nationally ranked, blue blood program the spotlight shines brighter and everything that you do is criticized at an even higher rate. The brawl was an embarrassment we all know that, but it doesn't mean that our basketball team is out of control. These are kids who are in an environment that is amped up and conducive to emotions. I think we forget that when we want to bring the hammer down on them for their mistakes. Your mistakes were not put up for all the world to see like these kids. I'm not saying it's alright, but cut them some daggum slack.

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