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Hoops target Joel Embiid elevates KU

Considering the hype of Tharpe, I was a little disappointed that he didn't show more. I'm anxious for this guy to be the next great point guard.

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Hoops target Joel Embiid elevates KU

The boards were great. I have to say, I went to Late Night in 2010 and had a good time...this year was incredibly was awesome. The show, the boards, the players, the videos all made for an amazing environment. I actually left with ears ringing. At times, it paralleled some of the recent great games like the throttling of MU or the silencing of Beasley.

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Expect big things from KU duo

Muck Fizzou!

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Antlers get one last chance to rattle KU

I'll give him some help. MU does not have any redeeming qualities and could disappear from the face of the earth and the human race would be all the better for it.

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KU men's basketball team eager to be back home

No offense, but what does this have to do with anything?

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Seattle prep Anrio Adams confirms pledge

Past performance is no indication future performance. Seven conference championships were built with top 50 talent, not unranked talent.

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Tyshawn Taylor recovers from second-half cramps in KU victory over Georgetown

kushaw, please help me understand something. When a player goes up with a jam and a defender hits them on the arm, is this a foul? It seems like this happens to T-Rob and Withey several times a game and we never draw the foul call. I wouldn't get too worked up over this, but KU got called for several hand check and reach calls in last night's game that are much less of a foul from my viewpoint.

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Late bloomers: KU slips past Hoyas

Well, since you bring up Withey and the fouls, perhaps it would be prudent to discuss the absolute joke of a foul call that removed him from competition. As far as I'm concerned the ref that made that call needs to be put on probation. At best, he was guessing at this foul because, if he had actually seen what happened, it should have been called on the Hoyas instead. I hate griping about refs, but I hate bad officiating even more.

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Seattle prep Anrio Adams confirms pledge

This does nothing to settle the hot topic of late. What has happened to Bill Self's recruiting prowess?

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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed

Credit to Kentucky...they have a ton of talent and will probably be able to bulldoze most of the competition with it. Credit to Kansas, they have Class and that will last a lifetime.

I'm disappointed in the second half. Letting UK bolt to a 10 point lead at the start of the second half was probably the main factor in the loss. We should have shown much more poise and been able to fight back. This is the kind of loss that we've been lacking the last several years. Now it's up to HCBS to capitalize on it and make our team battle tested for April.

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