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Jayhawks survive tougher, condensed Boot Camp

HCBS...I feel I'm showing my age by this comment, but folks, we are living in an enchanted time for the Jayhawk nation. A guy like Self comes along once in a great while. I admit he won't make the right decision in every game situation, but I can't imagine another human being I'd rather have leading our 'hawks than Bill Self. Squabble all you want able this and that, but Late Night is just moments away and our roller coaster rides is just tick, tick ticking it's way up the hill to excitement. It's not so much about the destination as it is about the ride. RCJHGKU!!!!

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Jayhawks survive tougher, condensed Boot Camp

Just because we love to correct ol' crazy Bedore, I thought I'd mention the correction that you should have typed "too" instead of "to" in the second to last sentence.

As jaybate says, "no malice".

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

It's always a great day to be a Jayhawk, but today is especially awesome.

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Lots to absorb in this article.
Conner will be a great addition to the squad. A lights-out shooter is a national rarity and certainly not a common occurrence for us over the last decade.

Manning is great. Kudos for getting the recognition.

Rio: KU has a proven track record of making patience pay off. Enjoy the ride. As time goes on, you will have the perspective to see the elite honor that comes from being a Jayhawk for life.

Wiggins...KU would be a perfect fit. We have an immediate need for exactly what you have and enough room for you to shine. KU has been and will be on some of the biggest stages in which to showcase your skills. Wanna grow athletically? Nobody is better than Hudy for that.

Don't want to lose Dooley. That being said, if you want a head coaching job, hold out for something better than Hofstra.

EJ and of luck to both of you.

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

This is great. It does a fantastic job of capturing how this was not intentional...unless, of course, you are following the school of thought that any and all incidental contact that occurs during games is automatically intentional and excessive.

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

No mistake has been made, EJ's shot was not intentional. See what I did there? I wrote it, so it must be true. I'm omniscient and infallible in my assessment of this play and I am empowered to blast anyone who says otherwise.

To follow your example of describing what a player normally does in a given scenario, I will point out that a player will almost always tension and raise their right hand/arm as part of the natural motion to slip a screen to the left. This was a disastrous coincidence of events for KU, not a malicious attempt in the early goings of a game that KU was controlling.

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

North Carolina

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With no help from its shooting, KU grinds out 74-55 victory over Southeast Missouri

I'm banking on the jinx to have an abbreviated run. The SI cover was regional. There were different covers for players in other regions. If it had been a national cover, I'd expect the jinx to last a lot longer.

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Jeff Withey says ‘funk’ history

Game On ! ! !

The wait is finally over. Good riddance to the 2012 off season.

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