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KU football welcoming slew of 2018 recruits to campus this weekend

There a good chance Landry-Walker wins state championship again. Especially with Devonta Jason and Corrione Harris. Tony Hull is so well respected in his hometown that he will most likely continue bringing these guys up year in and year out. David Beaty and Co are so good at building relationships and selling the program that with a bowl appearance I wouldn't doubt KU gets at least four 4 star type players in this class. Mark my words, if KU game to a bowl game, they will have top 5 recruiting class next year ( in the big 12 ) and maybe top 30 nationally

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Tom Keegan: Self hits the perfect notes in halftime message

I was at the Florida game in Allen a couple of years ago and afterwards I asked coach Townsend in the autograph line what coach said at halftime to inspire a comeback (Hawks were down 15 or so). He responded with a big smile and ,"...a lot of curse words."

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Incentives, details of termination or buyout in place in new Beaty contract

The buyout for coach all but ensure Beaty will stay through the entire length of the contract. That is unless he's a really hot commodity and a big name school with lots of money pays the buyout for him. Which in that case gives the university extra money to throw at another coach. I think this was a brilliant move and one that needed to be made. Nothing but good things to come for the Fighting BeatyHawks.

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Incentives, details of termination or buyout in place in new Beaty contract

If they play in and lose either of those bowl games, Beaty will be owed 250,000. If they win one of those new years 6 bowl games, that amount doubles to $500,000.

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Collin Sexton decision going down to the wire?

Self does play guys he trusts, but if you look at history he's trusted freshmen guards earlier in the season than the freshmen bigs. (See: Frank Mason, Devonte Graham, Tyshawn Taylor, Sherron Collins, Mario Chalmers)

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Collin Sexton decision going down to the wire?

I'm willing to bet that Avery and Self have a lot of the same contacts. Ol' Billy boy has been in the game for a while.

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Carter Stanley always at his best in games, per high school coach

If Stanley doesn't start this week, not only will I be upset, but can you imagine the message this sends to any potential incoming QB recruit? "Come to Kansas, work hard in practice, be prepared for games, show you can execute in meaningful minutes of a game, and we will still start the lousy upperclassmen who can't get the job done anyway."

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Curb your enthusiasm: Jayhawks don't want to play overexcited

39 first time players*

33 first time starters*

I read it as 6 of the 39 didn't start at some point in the season.

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Khalil Herbert buzz growing louder by the minute

I hope the 3 carries for 93 yards signifies an uber-talented freshman instead of a non-tackling defense.

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Notebook: Dorance Armstrong Jr. to miss time at KU football practices

I believe that we have a good chance to win two games this year, but the key to pulling off an upset and winning 3 is this young man right here. Here's to hoping he stays healthy and fired up all season long.

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