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Bill Self named AP Coach of the Year

I recognize the ignorance that you intend as sarcasm. Let's see what other great coaches were NOT in the elite 8. Coach K...nope. Oh, I know, the great Coach Cal! What?!? Not him either? Ok, I got this...Tom Izzo...aka Mr. March, he made the elite 8 for sure this year! He always does! I mean only the best coaches and the best team wins the NCAA on a consistent basis...why should KU settle for a guy who in 13 years has only brought 1 national title (I bet Coach Cal with all his talents and coaching ability has more than one title, right?). I mean in 13 years in the NCAAs (because that is all that matters, the last 6 games), all Bill Self has done is bring us 1 title. 1 runner up. 4 elite 8s and 2 sweet 16s. The BUM! Sure he makes the NCAA tourney every year...but he only reaches the elite 8 46% of the time while at KU. BUM! I mean in his 13 years at Kansas, he should have 3 or 4 National Titles in that time just like that great coach ____! You can't fill in that blank can you? Kinda sad you expect such unrealistic goals. It keeps you from enjoying one of the best teams, year in and year out, coached by a much decorated future HOF coach. Not sure what team/coach would make you happy...unrealistic goals bud.

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

I was set to type in some "other stuff" you might judge KU by or ask you to peruse the NCAA archive for winning % and number of final fours, etc. But why? Go on and "constructively" criticize a team that just went to an elite 8 and finish 33-5. We all know the best 4 teams in the nation with top 4 coaches are playing currently in the final four and KU will be ever so lucky if we could lure one of those coaches (back gasp).

Started to sound a bit crazy myself defending a great year and great team and coached by a coach who won a few coaching honors JUST THIS YEAR. Anyhoo...I will not be posting again...hopefully for some of our "fans", the University of Kansas can return to it's once lofty place atop the basketball world. Woe, we have fallen so far. Woe, so far...

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

Thank you Sam...It was a great year, wasn't it? I am seriously looking forward to next year! Rock Chalk!

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

this is If you prefer Weeping Williams to Bill Self, then go visit the heels page. BTW, as pointed out above, Roy started his coaching career AT KU and went to UNC. Bill? ORU, then Tulsa then Illini and FINALLY at a top 5 school (well, some of you don't consider KU top 5, but I digress). So you are not comparing apples to oranges...but you would rather complain about a GREAT season that ended NOT on bad coaching or lack of effort, but on a night that our stars just were not hitting. It happenes...didn't happen to us for over three months, but since it happened in the tournament, Self sux..

Jay, some of these are not even Chicken Littles... some of these are straight up Whine and Cheese fans...

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

Good gawd! Some of you people call yourselves fans? Your team just went to elite 8. Won what 31/32 games. Hadnt lost in 17 games wasnt it? The team had its worst collective game in 3 months. And some of you whiners question coaching heart ability. So, 'Cuse is one if the best teams in America right? Not just a team that git hit, no, gorget their 5 losses in previous 7 bfor the tourney. They do not matter. Winning in the tourney is all that matters. If u dont, then fire the coach, take away scholarships, suspend the program until it is respectable!

I mean the team only won 33 games. Pathetic. They lost 5 whole freaking times. Pathetic. The won their comf and their conference tourney. Pathetic. They didnt lost for 3 months. Pathetic. They only made it the elite 8. Pathetic. They need to win it all!!! And almost every year. Thats what Kansas should do!

Whiney azz fans some of you. Won't even do you the honor of calling you Chicken Littles. Wine and cheese fans.

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Great to be back: Kansas cruises in Brannen Greene's return

And p.s. We really should be worried. We have no top recruits. Everyone else who is anyone has top recruits. We never do. Its Bill Self's fault. Woe is us.

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Great to be back: Kansas cruises in Brannen Greene's return

Wow. You win Jared! Over values DEFENSE! No one ever wins playing defense, it's almost ALWAYS the best offensive team, mo matter the sport. U do not think U have ever heard a respectable coach say "Defense wins Championships"!

And gee, if only BS would give Hunter lots more minutes, he would set world on fire!

Sarcasm font

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Self sees summer contests as chance to grow

Good grief...really Rodney? GIVE IT A REST. We get it. Most fans on here are more pie in the sky than you. You feel people have crimson and blue glasses on and you are one of the few on here who are actually realistic (in your opinion). You use to ridicule people for not contributing to the site...tell me, what exactly do your juvenile posts contribute? AGAIN, we get are a fan, but a realistic fan who feels that the team that finished blah blah and have the same team blah blah and recruiting sucked (oops no it didn't) blah blah we will be lucky to blahblah... I don't post on here...but you are truly annoying.

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Recruit Perry Ellis signs letter of intent with KU

First...welcome and Rock Chalk!

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Antler attack

I couldn't believe it when it happened, and I still shake my head about it. My grandmother was born in Missouri, but because she was an intelligent women, when she moved to Kansas, she left any feelings for Misery behind. She was a huge Jayhawk Basketball fan. Took her to at least one game every year. When she passed, she was buried next to grandpa in central Misery (Gpa clung to the dark side ;-) At the funeral, I put my Kansas Student ID in with her. A female funeral home attendent came to notice that Grandma was a Jayhawk. Can't quote her exactly (kinda shocked at the time), but the attendent more or less said the she wouldn't hold Grandma being a Jayhawk against her on that day. I like to think it was her misguided attempt at humor, but I wasn't convinced of that then (or now). At a FUNERAL...

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