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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Super Genius Head Coach Charlie Weis: “When your defense is getting worn out because they're on the field the whole time, eventually something bad is gonna happen."

I thought this was what Weis was going to do to the rest of the league? KU was getting the brilliant O coordinator of the Patriots. Or was it Tom Brady that was brilliant?

Weis is nothing special. In fact, he's worse than that. KU does not have the best O coordinator in the Big 12. We may have the worst.

A terrible hire.

All hat and no cattle.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

After watching Weis' offenses for many years now, he is nothing more than an ordinary coordinator. He isn't forward thinking. He isn't brilliant in breaking down defenses. He is not even one of the better play callers in the Big 12.

Weis was a hiring mistake.

I do think the defense has shown potential but Weis' offense keeps them on the field and with poor field position.

It's only going to get worse as long as Weis is the O coordinator. And if he isn't that, then what good is he?

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KU coach Bill Self talks about the hype and expectations for the 2013-14 team (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Bill Self is a genius with outstanding social skills. Very rare.

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Donors to get reserved seats at Late Night

There are some events that should not have reserved seats. This is one.

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Charlie Weis isn't a top-tier offensive coordinator in the Big 12. Deal with it.

The play-calling has been unimaginative since he arrived.

The defense showed signs of improvement last year at the end of the season. That has continued.

Totally agree that Weis needs to fire himself as coordinator. He has earned it.

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Mental fitness at core of KU football’s workouts under Holsopple

He sounds like a Grade A nutcase. Wish him and the team all the best.

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FINAL: McLemore scores 30, Tharpe impresses in 83-62 rout over KSU

Hey, Bill: Start Nadir. EJ will thank you for it. EJ doesn't want to play point according to his body language.

Who cares if EJ is a senior? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Nadir handles the ball much better and has fewer turnovers. This is a no-brainer.

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