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Demolition of KU volleyball building expected to begin next week; construction of bigger facility to soon follow

Sounds good!Cannot wait to see the new place!RCJH!

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KU football player Pooka Williams charged with domestic battery, suspended from team

Dude seriously move on from that will you please?

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Former Auburn OC Chip Lindsey expected to be hired by KU

Getting a big dose of SEC Football are we?

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New KU football coach Les Miles wants to finish career with 'championships'

Lets just start 1st with getting to a .500 season 1st then we will discuss miving up from there!

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Matt Tait: Forget the rest, Les Miles hire is KU's biggest victory in years

1st off I wish nothing but the best to our former coach Beaty sorry it didnt work out and you didnt get the results you, KU, and the fans needed! I sincerely hope and wish you find a place that you can find success in wherever you may land.

Ok with that being said ok now I say welcome aboard Coch Les Miles Big Rock Chalk Welcome to you!I found it awesome how you stated your first objective is to find good coordinators.That is one thing that sunk Beaty especially on offense the offensive coordinator.Getting that is the biggest key along with a good coach. Everyone should be excited and proud or new AD is taking charge in Academics first and of course athletics and making sure our sports are all taken care of.

Now I am going to agree with Brian Wilson on stadium stuff.Hey Lets get a winning team there and do whar Les needs us to do to get back to at least .500 and above first and foremost.

Ok this challenge goes to all Fans who claim to be KU Fans ok things have to change in terms of how you fans here care about KU sports we cannot no longer be the 1 trick pony everyone claims we are!I love Basketball and all the history with it dont get me wrong.But It is not just football or even Basketball look we have to support all of KU Sports look even if it just a tweet or online message support all KU Sports teams whether it is Tennis,Track,Baseball,Softball, swimming Football we got to stop being the 1 trick pony.It dont mean you got to go to every event and buy everything but follow them and even send tweets or send a nice online message to football or any of the other KU Sports teams.

Les Miles is a message and some of the things he has done that say hry he cares about all of KU Sports we should honor that and give support to all of KU Sports people

Good Luck Les and Rock Chalk!

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

Welcome aboard Coach Les Miles!I hope the best and I hope he can turn things around!Rock Chalk Jayhawks@

Ok we got the head coaah, not to criticize coach Miles but now can coach Miles also get the good assistants we need to get things turned around?

Well overall I am happy we got him!Yes Kansas can have a good Basketball program and a good football program and any other good sports program!Kansas can walk and chew gum at the same time!

Geaux Kansas Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Big 12 tournament to stay put; league also announces series with Big East

Like I said why diesn't the ACC have tourneys in Baltimore since Maryland left the ACC?

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Big 12 tournament to stay put; league also announces series with Big East

What a colossal fsilure Big 12! are run by complete dumbasses! Wow no wonder 4 teams have bolted!(Nebraska, Colorado,Texas A&M, and Missouri) .Wow do not put the tournamnt in states that actually have teams in the conference.You know for example I do not see the ACC having tournaments in Baltimore or the State of Maryland Since Maryland left ACC!

Yeah it is so smart to put it in a State (Missouri/0 that flew you the bird and laugh at how stupid you are for hanging around. Kinda like that crazy stalker ex girlfriend that sticks around and tells you you will regret leaving me and hangs around you not play powerconferences (ACC Big 10,Pac 12 SEC) Play Big Least thugs wow! Good move NOT!

Bob Bowlsby YOU SUCK!

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Survey says: KU football fans prefer Les Miles, identify him as most likely hire

I want someone who can win and get things done!

I wouldn't mind Les Miles, but here is another name is not mentioned but could be out there Lane Kiffin!Where is he in the survey?

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Tom Keegan: How old is Les Miles? Who cares?

Bryan Dude please move on past Mangino already!

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