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KU's Elijah Johnson says Sunday's three-hour team meeting with head coach was productive

Can't win them all. I will gladly accept a home loss in exchange for a title. We have been playing lately like we thought our name and tradition would win us ball games. That will not be the case in March for sure, hopefully this awakens the desire inside these guys to prove they belong amongst the elite. Also I think he EJ is hurting more than he is letting on, during warm ups when everyone else dives on the floor, he just stands there clapping his hands. I also noticed that Ben did the same thing before the last game, which struck me as odd. Seems like some of the guys are too stiff to dive for the ball on loose balls, it was especially evident with Elijah early in the season. Where is Jerod Haase when you need him?

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Observations from KU men's basketball open practice

Is there going to be a way to watch these games?

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