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Jayhawks expecting weekend visit from Top 5 Class of 2022 hoops prospect Chris Livingston

I don't disagree your statement above so long as you realize college basketball has changed. We aren't just recruiting against other top programs for elite recruits but also against the G-League and overseas. Pay for name, image and likeness will soon be our ammo to get these kids to pick college. A top 10 recruit for '22 is in Lawrence - let's hope we wow him.

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Tom Keegan: Is Adidas money worth the embarrassment for Kansas Athletics?

...because Nike and UA are clean??? Haha. I bet you think college football is clean and this is only a college basketball problem too.

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Tom Keegan: USATF official not happy with news in wake of Junior Olympics at Rock Chalk Park

I tried to skim through this a couple times and still don't understand what happened

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Tom Keegan: Free State's Torneden impressing early at KU

It is a fluff article. I guess I understanding pointing out that he is the only Kansas recruit...but why end it with a little swipe at Kansas football?

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Tom Keegan: Bigger, stronger, faster KU football team still needs to get bigger, stronger, faster

We get it Tom. It's called rebuilding a program. Find a new theme. See if you can go a week without a backhanded compliment article for KU football.

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Tom Keegan: Nine potential successors for Self

Some of those names are laughable. I guess I would entertain the KU guys and somebody from the NBA with college experience. I'd pay Brad Stevena anything he wants. Both Miller brothers should be on the list. Beilein is too old. I wouldn't touch Pitino.

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Column: K-State apology sorry excuse for an apology

5-10 years from now we will be in the PAC, BIG or SEC and just laugh about how much little brother hates us. I hope they enjoy life in the left over conference.

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Big 12 men’s basketball roundup: No. 9 Missouri holds off Illini, 75-64

Strong night for the Big Xii. Other than CU.

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Special teams concern KU

You are a giant clown.

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