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SI names Kansas LB Joe Dineen a 2nd-team All-American

Congratulations to Dineen in the Sports Illustrated 2nd Team All-American selection.

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Lagerald Vick's big night can't keep Jayhawks unbeaten

Right now, Malik Newman play is horrendous. Hopefully, his playing time performances changes soon.

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New Orleans WR Devonta Jason drawing interest from another SEC program

I doubt that the Louisiana players are planning to redshirt at Kansas. They could do that at any of the SEC Universities. Not saying that they wouldn't redshirt. I just don't feel like that's in their gameplan.

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First-teamer Daniel Wise leads KU football All-Big 12 honorees

When the defense spends the majority of the playing time on the field, they're going to wear down and make mistakes. The offense needs to be way better and limit the amount of time that the defense spends on the playing field.

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First-teamer Daniel Wise leads KU football All-Big 12 honorees

Congratulations to all of the Jayhawk's who received honors from the voting members. As bad as the season turned out, it's good to see that the voter's seen deserving Jayhawk players. Had more OL'man been up to Big XII caliber, then maybe the QB's could've produced the passing yards to S. Sims to have been nominated as well. Obviously, there's still a ton of room for improvement.

I admit, I am shocked to see that QB Recruit Tune re-committed to Kansas. I'm happy to see this. Now, can Kansas recruit some damn good OL recruits to build a long term successful foundation.

Perhaps, it might be best to recruit HS Tightends and convert them to OL candidates (as what was done a few years ago with Tanner Hawkinson).

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Danny Manning signs lengthy contract extension at Wake Forest

Brad Stevens is doing pretty well (for himself) with the Boston Celtics. However, things can certainly change (by the time that Coach Self's current contract expires).

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Jayhawks still preparing to play without freshman forward Billy Preston

Yearly basketball program distractions are a nuisance to the ultimate team goal. So yet, here's another distraction. Hopefully, this episode will come to an end in the near future.

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Nutty opinions abound that Kansas football job does not attract quality applicants

Bill Clark resume (albeit short) is very impressive (considering that he's only been a Collegiate HC for 3 total seasons). What's impressive is, UAB terminated their football program after the 2014 season. Three years later, the football program is re-instated. In the 2017 season, UAB is currently 7-4 (overall and 5-2 in the C-USA Western Division) with one more regular season left to play. Currently, his 3 year HC record is 24-14 (between 1 year at Jacksonville State (11-4) and 2 full season's at UAB in 2014 (6-6) and 2017). Evidently, Bill Clark knows how to run a Collegiate Football program.

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Gilbert Brown has the last laugh, joins KU's Ring of Honor

If Gilbert Brown wants Beaty to stay. Then, hire Gilbert to be te DL Coach. Hopefully, he could influence some stud recruits to follow his path to sucess with the Jayhawks.

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Jayhawks crushed by Baylor, remain in last place in Big 12

Dave Doeren, will your family and you please come back to Lawrence, Kansas?

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