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KU lands Big 12-best 19 players on academic All-Big 12 football squad

Spencer !!! Spencer !!! Spencer !!!

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Thomas Robinson to announce decision to enter NBA Draft on Monday

Better stick around another year and get your degree. Make your mama proud. Don't end up like Marcus. You are pretty good but could use that extra year and there is life after basketball that, at any time, can be taken away from you.

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Former MLB pitcher, KU baseball coach Marty 'Duck' Pattin shares memories of the big leagues

I watched Marty play for many years and when I found him working at KU I was astonished at how the University could snag such a great coach. There were 1 or 2 times I recall the necessity for the KUPD to tend to some matters at the ball field or such...that's how I came to meet him. As I remember him, professionally, he was always courteous...not the person I had envisioned from spending so many other times dealing with some of the other coaches, players and athletic personnel. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very kind person who seemed, in the early 80's, to still miss his career of professional baseball. After many years of being on a work-related disability I now completely understand where he was at that point in his life.

Marty...I am sorry to hear of your life's losses but glad to know you are doing well. Keep up on your PT and you'll be back to "driving" everyone crazy on the golf course very soon !

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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Sorry, but I did not see the hype ever fulfilled.

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Tyrel Reed named first-team academic All-American

Darnell Valentine ? WTF ? Someone obviously did his assignments for him.

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FINAL: The streak ends at 69 as Texas knocks off KU, 74-63

Arrested for DUI a couple of weeks ago...flew under the LJW radar...

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FINAL: The streak ends at 69 as Texas knocks off KU, 74-63

And this bashing is well deserved because there was NO reason for that loss...none at all.

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FINAL: The streak ends at 69 as Texas knocks off KU, 74-63

Selby...SO overrated...not living up to the hype. McMorris...can't make shots that are giveaways. Taylor...not enough space to go into all that. Reed...THE MAN but cannot do it alone. Little & Johnson...the team criminals need to stay benched...are no help. Robinson played well in spite of the tragedy he is dealing with...what have the others to say ? The team just fell apart. Looked like and played like fools...what an embarassment.

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FINAL: Mario Little's free throw with 0.7 seconds left gives KU 77-76 win over UCLA

Y'all missed it...look at the photo. Look at Marcus. Instead of watching the free throw he's having some one-on-one with God. Love this !

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