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Another new uniform in the works for KU basketball

The "NCAA Champs 1988" on the back is just asking for bad karma.

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Self will ‘take the win,’ but that’s all

Hunter Mickelson is, ummm, a project. Not everyone on your team can be (or should be) Thomas Robinson. You have to have guys who are willing to pay their dues and get beaten up six days a week in practice and still be satisfied with playing five minutes a game. Everyone has a role.

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Self will ‘take the win,’ but that’s all

I once heard Malibu Tom Asbury say something like, "Jacque Vaughn is KU's Anthony Beane." I almost busted a hip after falling out of my chair.

You have to play with what you've got, but Squeaky has to realize that he has one starter who would start at KU, and a guy who might be the first guy off the bench.

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More signs of support for Clint Bowen popping up around town

There is no way on God's green Earth that Ed Warriner will be hired as KU's head coach.

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Wide receiver Nick Harwell at top of deep pool of KU football red-shirt talent

But think back to where that attitude came from in the mid-2000s. That was Mark Mangino who quickly put a chip on the shoulders of guys like Bill whittemore and the law firm of Banks, Floodman and Kane. That "us against the world" mentality worked really well for about six years. But the swagger came from the top down.

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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

The coach who really needs to worry about what he's doing after this season is Grunhard. The O-line has been absolutely awful on his watch.

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KU-UNC connection continues with Brad Frederick hire

Dean took Roy back because his ego -- Dean's -- couldn't bear to see his program struggle anymore. There may have been a component in there that Dean felt a debt to UNCCH, but the biggest component of this was Dean's ego.

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Kansas’ Bill Self had a ball at ISU

"You've gone far past Danny's incredible freshman year."

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Easy, there, Turbo.

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Point guard Frank Mason commits to KU basketball

"Mason, who weighs 180 pounds, said he’d like to pattern his KU career after that of former point guard Sherron Collins. 'He was a great player and I’d like to do the same type things,' Mason said."

Welcome to Lawrence, Frank!

Dunkin Donuts
Pizza Shuttle
Every all-you-can-pound Chinese buffet in Douglas County

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