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Garrett, Lawson carry No. 9 Kansas to crucial home win over Iowa State

Dedric and the millennials? .... OK, that was really bad.

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Benton Smith: Lagerald Vick's woes in crunch time loom large against Mountaineers

Some of the late game closing moments across the entire league are a byproduct of James Harden and Steph Curry. Their uncanny ability to hit the step back and contested 3-pointer has influenced players across all of basketball. I think what players fail to realize is that these guys also get to the line 20 plus times per night driving to the hoop (but those never make the highlights). Props to HCBS for admitting a timeout should have been taken. Hopefully the team realizes a drive to the hoop or Lawson in the post was a better option. If we were down 3, I would have been much happier with Vick taking a corner 3 pointer.

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Jayhawks claim 10th consecutive victory over Longhorns with 80-78 win

I was watching the game last night and saw ESPN display the Hall of Fame between commercials. I immediately noticed Cole Aldrich had his jersey retired. My initial thought was, 'Wow, the criteria for retiring a jersey has really dropped when you've got Cole hanging in the rafters next to Wilt."

So I did a little research and thought some of you might be interested in the criteria for having your jersey retired.

"The original criteria for retiring a player's jersey included being named college basketball's player of the year, MVP of the NCAA Tournament or a four-time All-American. The criteria were expanded prior to the 2002-03 season to include consensus first-team All-Americans, two-time first-team All-Americans and Academic All-American of the Year."

Once I realized that Cole was an Academic All-American of the Year in 2010, I quickly changed my tune. Congrats to Cole and his accomplishments.

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Vick's career night leads veteran-heavy KU attack in 84-68 win over Vermont

I completely understand what you are saying ... But when Azubuike is averaging 1.35 points per attempt and Vick is averaging 2.29 per attempt (both on high volume), wouldn't it make sense to run MORE plays for the person converting at almost twice the rate? This is simple math.

Bill Self is so good at running both the high/low offense and the drive/kick, I just feel like he should have told those guys to feed the Senior and I'm pretty sure it would have ended up as a record setting performance.

My first post up here in probably 10 years and I get grilled ... You've got to love the forums! Who ever posted the Keegan / Agent comment, that was actually a really good one! :)

Regardless, most of you provide great insights on the game and I enjoy reading the posts. Keep it up.

On a separate note ... Weak Rock Chalk chants? Now THAT is a disturbing trend.

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Vick's career night leads veteran-heavy KU attack in 84-68 win over Vermont

Top 3 point performances at KU.

Rank FGs 3-pt/3-pt FGAs Player Pos Class Date Opponent

1 11/17 Terry Brown G Sr 1-5-91 North Carolina State

2 8/11 Billy Thomas G Sr 1-10-98 Texas

3 7/8 Kirk Hinrich G Sr 1-4-03 Missouri-Kansas City

3 7/9 Jeff Boschee G So 3-9-00 Kansas State

3 7/9 Terry Brown G Sr 1-10-91 Maryland-Baltimore County

3 7/10 Terry Brown G Sr 11-23-90 Arizona State

3 7/10 Terry Brown G Jr 12-9-89 Kentucky

3 7/12 J.R. Giddens G Fr 2-21-04 Iowa State

3 7/12 Jerod Haase G So 1-23-95 Nebraska

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Vick's career night leads veteran-heavy KU attack in 84-68 win over Vermont

Klay Thompson 14/24

1st Qtr

9:50 - Make

9:07 - Make

8:40 - Make

8:05 - Miss

4:30 - Make

2:57 - Make

2:25 - Make

2nd Qtr

8:17 - Make

7:00 - Make

6:11 - Miss

5:11 - Make

4:35 - Miss

2:50 - Make

1:22 - Miss

3rd Qtr

9:41 - Make

8:40 - Miss

8:03 - Make

7:31 - Miss

7:12 - Make

6:50 - Miss

6:35 - Miss

6:17 - Miss

5:10 - Miss

4:53 - Make

To the bench

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Vick's career night leads veteran-heavy KU attack in 84-68 win over Vermont

LaGerald Vick 8/8

1st Half

19:35 - Make

19:11 - Make

12:58 - Make

6:57 - Make

2nd Half

13:35 - Make

12:32 - Make

11:21 - Make

3:38 - Make

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Vick's career night leads veteran-heavy KU attack in 84-68 win over Vermont

I felt bad for Vick tonight. Vick was ON FIRE and he got a total of 8 looks from 3 point land. It was one of the best shooting exhibitions I've seen from a Kansas player in the last 25 years, and I don't think Bill Self even called a play for him. The optimist would say that he made all of his shots (well most of them) in the flow of the offense, but I'm going to say that Bill Self did Vick a complete disservice against Vermont. Vick should have had the green light from the 19:11 mark in the first half after he hit that 'heat check' pull up 3. Come on Bill Self, it took you another 6:13 to get him another opportunity? To make matters worse, another 6 minutes passed until he got his 4th look of the 1st half?

What is going on here? They should have been spoon feeding Vick until he at least missed a couple in a row. I hate to say it, but if anyone on Duke was that hot, they would have probably broken the NCAA record (which stands at 15).

Here are Vick's shot attempts compared to Klay Thompson who broke the NBA record for 3 pointers in a game a few weeks ago. Thompson broke the record in 3 quarters and immediately went to the bench when he hit number 14. Look at how they kept feeding Thompson throughout the game (except when he was resting). It's obvious he went record hunting at the end when he missed 4 in a row, but at that point, who cares. The longest he went without an attempt was about 2 minutes .... Self put Vick in the cooler/freezer for over 6 minutes four times throughout the game! That is criminal.

I will always wonder if Vick could have broken the NCAA record of 15 tonight (which would have been a stretch), but he definitely should have had the opportunity to break KU's record of 11 (although I loved Downtown Terry Brown). Shame on you Bill Self ... And don't get me started on having to spoon feed Azubuike every night because he can't make a shot more than 1 foot from the basket.

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If you had to pick one, who would you say your favorite KU senior is?

EJ is a great player, he's just not a very smart one. Self should have helped bail him out at the end of the Michigan game.

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Jeff Withey shines, KU guards struggle against WKU

Friday's game was almost a classic recipe for a KU tournament disaster. On the other side of the coin, all of our players stepped up and knocked down free-throws. I've seen more than enough tournament games where KU shoots in the 50%-60% range from the free-throw line and is then forced to play catch up from behind the 3-point line.

Nice work on the 85% free throw shooting Hawks! Despite some rough play, our guards knocked down free throws. Based on the forums, our three weakest links during the press really came through on the line.

McLemore: 7-7
Johnson: 3-3
Tharpe 4-4

Our guards are great athletes who will improve throughout the tournament and their careers. It will be funny to watch the forums change when one of them goes off for 25+ against UNC.

If they keep playing defense and hitting the free throws, we'll see KU in the Final Four again.

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