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KU has new food vendor for games

Jaybate - get a job. Wow

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Recruit Lance Stephenson to make decision on Tuesday

Who knows what will happen. If Calipari goes to Kentucky, look for Henry to back out of Memphis and possibly opt for KU. This coaching change could send major waves through the recruiting world...espicially since a lot of LOI haven't been signed yet.

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KU mulls Gridiron Club

As a Jayhawk, it always amazes me how many whiners and complainers we have in the KU family. Last time I checked, none of you turds get paid to make the decisions that have launched KU Athletics into a first class program - it was run like a D-II program before.

It would be nice to be able to comment on the job each of you are doing at work....I'm guessing the results wouldn't be as impressive as what we've seen from KUAC and their progress over the last few years.

Rather than coffee this A.M., each of you that think you can do a better job at running athletics should enjoy a warm glass of shut up!

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Griffin makes game different

Carlson is KU grad! I remember that was mentioned during the Gundy fiasco.

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Keegan: KU glad to let $$$ talk

To the fans encouraging a boycott.....get a life. You don't deserve to be Jayhawk fans

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Keegan: KU glad to let $$$ talk

Well said roshi12

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Keegan: KU glad to let $$$ talk

You all gripe about $$$$. It seems most arguements say moving the game from Lawrence is a bad idea because it hurts local businesses......not sure I understand because this arguement seems to center around $$$ as well.

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