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KU football shuffles offensive line once again

I, too, am hopeful. There are a lot a reasons for the failure of the offense, but here we are heading into game five with our two starting WRs with four catches for 70 yards and one TD, according to the box scores on this site. Not good.

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Memorial Stadium attendance dipping but not as bad as reported last Saturday

The game against OU may not be reflective of how KU fans see the program. It's not that far to travel from Norman/OKC/Tulsa and there are a good number of OU fans in the KC area that will "help" the attendance. The real number will be the Baylor crowd, especially if we continue to look like it will be an ugly game.

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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

My definition of a "tough guy" is not someone who goes out and wins every fight, but goes out and fights anyway, knowing he might lose.
There are several issues with the line that can be taught in terms of technique and physical training, but the thing I never thought I'd see from a Weis/Grunhard line is not playing with an attitude and toughness, and that appears to be the case.

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KU football's Tony Pierson 'day-to-day' with head injury

As Tony was lying on the track, Coach Weis was standing by as the staff did their work and he turned to a group of photographers and spoke loudly, not yelling, saying something to the effect of "That's pretty classless." I don't know if that was in response to a comment or something else going on, but he didn't appear to be happy with them.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

When I look at that offer list, the only question I have is "How did he end up at KU?" There is something we're missing here, because everyone thought he was a ballplayer.

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Kansas football still a work in progress

The ability to create space appears to be the biggest problem. Is it just my perception, or are our RBs having to bounce just about everything outside? And when they do bounce, there appear to be no cutback lanes, they end up flowing to the sideline.
In the past, Sims, Miller, Cox and even Tony ran the ball inside successfully. Those opportunities have seemed scarce through the first three games.

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Game Balls and Gassers: LA Tech

Several play calls had me scratching my head, but two I'll mention and fail to understand are the call after Heeney's INT at the 47. First play a low percentage deep ball that had almost no chance for completion. The second was after the "hands to the face" on LaTech, we again go low percentage from the 15. It seems like we were constantly 2nd and Long.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs likely to red-shirt

All I can say is that if everyone is on board and puts in the work, there are going to be some wars starting in the spring for PT. It's got to help with game performance, and the guys not red-shirting will have a year's worth of Big 12 battles behind them.
After last Saturday, I guess I'm a little more realistic about where we are. I think we'll still have a chance to win some games this year, but after the coming weekend, we'll likely be the dog in each game unless someone goes completely off the rails.

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Kansas linebacker Heeney glum, mum

I'm still hopeful for improvement but I'm disappointed in Heaps' comments. We should have been in the process of cleaning up the little things since Dec 2, 2012, the day after the loss to West Virginia. We should be in the process of building on the big plays, not cleaning up the little problems.
We had eleven 1st downs for the game, and 270 total yards. Remove Pierson's touchdown and Sims 39 yd-run, and we gained 154 yards. The only surprise is the score is that close.

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Kansas running back Darrian Miller relishes chance

I think Miller is the most exciting back we have. He looks like he could go any time and he's got great balance. As the article pointed out, it's been nearly two years since he carried the ball in competition. He got some of the rust knocked off last week, he's two years older, stronger, and will only get better all around, catching, blocking, etc. If you can't tell, I like this guy's future.

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