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The Day After: Elite Eight marks the end of the road

My whine is that Villanova didn't belong in the #1 seeded bracket. KU had to go through UConn, Maryland then Villanova. Traditional programs that made a tough road. NCAA still shows KU no favors.

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Cheick Diallo still not free to play

This tweet was posted around noon?

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Longhorns wonder about late no-call

I've watched the one camera angle that ESPN shows numerous times. Doesn't look like a foul to me. Looks like he was out of control. Ellis had both hands up. Jay Bilas is just a whiner. We get it Jay- you think Ted Owens didn't recruit you hard enough. Wow, move on dude.

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Beaty already reaping rewards

Beaty just sounds pretty excited to me. The real test will be if he can coach these kids up to Division 1 standards. Look west to Manhattan to see how that's done. Those kids will run through a wall for Coach Snyder.

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Twitter poll: Should Clint Bowen be the next KU head coach?

My only question about Bowen is how well does he recruit? He seems a great motivator, seems to have his team and staff well organized and functioning but I really don't know much about his recruiting abilities. Comments would be appreciated!

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Notebook: Bill Self on Bruce Weber comment: 'Our players definitely knew about it'

Given that KU was 3-0 against KSU this year maybe it should be referred to the "Senior Big 12 Champion" and the "Junior Big 12 Champion." Just a thought, but I'd buy that T-Shirt.

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FINAL: Late rally comes up short as KU falls to Kentucky, 67-59, in title game

And I still don't give a sh** about North Carolina!

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FINAL: Late rally comes up short as KU falls to Kentucky, 67-59, in title game

Vince Lombardi once said words to the effect that the Packers never lost, the clock just ran out on them. This team didn't lose, the clock just ran out. Rock chalk!

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CARDIAC KIDS! Jayhawks advance to final with 64-62, come-from-behind win over Ohio State

Thank you gentlemen and ladies. Mr. Newell, talk to you Monday! One more time!

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FINAL: Tyler Thornton's clutch threes push Duke past Kansas, 68-61, in Maui Invitational final

Yeah, you hold on to that. I'm sure you know much better than a coach with a national championship.
BTW- you have a degree from KU, or just a wannabee?

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