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‘Big D’-fense: Ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Campo to head Weis’ defense

Matt, CW only has one position to fill, defensive assistant, according to the article. Clint Bowen is coaching Specials and an unnamed defensive position. Only one i could think of that's open is LBs. But I don't believe he has much experience as a LB coach if any. Is Weis going to have Clint coach LBs or be more of a Coordinators assistant and learn from Campo? Leaving the LB coach to the unfilled assistant, with possibly more position experience. What's your take on this?

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Former Mangino assistant Clint Bowen to return as part of Charlie Weis’ staff

Clint has accepted DBs and Specials Coordinator! An announcement from the university to come later in the week, possibly next week. Welcome back Clint, Rock Chalk.

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What's causing the delay in KU's quest to hire a defensive coordinator?

To clearify, I have been told of his hire by his parents. However, I do believe that if he gets defensive and specials, then they might bring in someone else in as Co-Defensive coordinator. Just seems to me that holding both might be too much, but mainly im hoping he can learn from someone like Leavitt.

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What's causing the delay in KU's quest to hire a defensive coordinator?

My sources tell me he is already headed to Lawrence with an announcement coming next week. Ive been told that he will be Deffensive AND Special Teams coordinator. Better start believing it. It's going to happen and if Weis believes in him I don't see why jayhawk nation can't embrace a lifelong Jayhawk. This time around he will be given better tools to succeed. Clint should get another chance, and I think he will do fine.

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Recap: After not knowing what to expect, Arizona game goes as expected

And we let 'em off the hook!!

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Dick Vitale predicts KU basketball fifth…in Big 12

Word is that Dickie V tried to pick Duke to win the Big 12 but ESPN wouldnt let him.

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Sharp-shooting Reed knows all about rivalry

Jaybate, Ralster.... I dont recall Tyshawn injuring his elbow this year, and yes the shooters sleeve, or compression sleve, is getting to be quite popular with these young athletes. However, I do believe Coach Self has a very strict policy on accessories such as a shooters sleeve, headbands, ect..... If I recall correctly, Self will only let players wear these accessories if they wore them in high school. I may be wrong, but this makes me believe that Tyshawn has indeed injured his elbow to some extent this year. Maybe as little as banging it in practice. One of them sleeves will give a false sence of security to someone with a numb, tender elbow. Thats just my guess.

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Bowen not named to K-State coaching staff

Bowen in fact did turn the job down.... He is interviewing for a job in Texas this week. Texas Tech? IDK. Clint also has a job opportunity somewhere in Wisconson. I dont know the exact schools for certain and I dont want to speculate. Just dont be suprised if sometime in the near future you hear more about these job opportunities. Once I find out the schools he is has recieved intrest from, ill be sure to update.

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FINAL: Collins' 17 points lead KU in 84-69 victory over Cal

Jesse- did you intentionally put the january 30th game against kansas state as a home game? lol, we all know KU owns the court, but my tickets say its gonna be played in manhatten

December 22, 2009 at 7:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) staff's Week 13 football picks

D.J...... You sure wont need any longer than six months to be a cubs fan. We all know they wont be playing in October.

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