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Rutgers coach Chris Ash calls Pooka Williams 'a good little player'

So why does DC struggle so badly to get playing time with Beaty?

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Tom Keegan: Les Miles has 30-year connection to Kansas

What do Bryson and the Beaty defenders think of this minor detail for the next coach:

“has just 25 players on scholarship who have two or more years of eligibility remaining after this season, and has just an estimated 15 scholarships available for next season?”


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Jayhawks might play reserve O-linemen more after lackluster opener

So coach Beaty’s solution to a brand new OL that lacks chemistry is to play more OLmen and combinations that have never played together?

Got it.

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty followed wrong recruiting blueprint

Lol @ Bryson’s football IQ.

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Tom Keegan: KU football lets season opener slip away


"The only people who truly think we have a shot at losing against Nicholls St are the radicals and the idiots who don't want to believe anything positive. We SHOULD win by 40. I'd say we will probably only win by 20-30. We are SIGNIFICANTLY better than them, just based on the previous few years, theres a good chance our product on the field isn't near its potential.

I have a buddy on USD's team who beat them in the playoffs, he talks shlt on KU's football team all the time and simply said he thinks if everything fell USD's way, they would lose by 20 to KU. First game of the year isn't going to fall anyone's way but ours.

Hawks by 30. Book it.

13 May 14, 2018"

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Quick recap: KU football falls to Nicholls State in overtime

I watched both their game against Georgia and game v TA&M... this team is not that good. When they tried, both teams moved the ball w/ absolute ease against Nicholls. I mean ABSOLUTE EASE. Their athletes don't even compare in terms of size, talent and speed. Ours are obviously not as good as georgia's but we have some skill players good enough to play for TA&M.

We have significantly more talent than these dudes. We should be able to handle them. #Hawksby17

6 Yesterday at 9:06 AM

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Memorable lessons from forgettable debut season have Kansas WR Daylon Charlot confident

Yeah? Maybe you should just stfu and give some of this a rest, as 'your AD' and "your QB' nonsense hasn't worked out so well thus far.

I'm not so sure Charlot should have gone from 195lbs last year, to nearly 210lbs this season. I don't know if that will end up being beneficial, especially with the many coaching comments regarding him 'needing to learn to take care of his body'.. If that hasn't effected his speed too much, I see him contributing this season.

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Tom Keegan: And the winner is ... indecision

So this is what happens when, in Beaty's fourth season, the OL has to determine the QB. How backwards is that? A patchwork, new OL at that. This also stunts everyone else's growth on offense, as the starter has less time to gel with the WR's as well.

Its a perfect storm of comedic error after comedic error. A true, "worst decision possible" scenario, with literally zero upside to doing it this way.

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Tom Keegan: Newcomers bring hope to Kansas football offense

I don't know which is lower, your football IQ, or your standards. A top 200 RB in the country in YPC, where he averaged roughly 4 attempts per game, lol.

He was mis-managed last year, but has enough talent to overcome coaching incompetence. Remind me, why didn't he play at all vs TCU in front of 30 family and friends (suited up and fully healthy), in favor of a playing-injured Herbert/Thompson, in a blowout game?

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Tom Keegan: Newcomers bring hope to Kansas football offense

You just touted "three yards per carry" as something to be proud of, in the same breath as putting down the IQ of someone else.

Oh the hilarity.

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