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Gary Bedore's basketball notebook

The question is. Has anyone won it twice? If not, is he up to the challenge to be the first?

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Big run sinks Kansas women

... or are you saying that KU make the tournament's play-in game?

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Big run sinks Kansas women

"KSA_21_3503 (anonymous) says...

No banners will be hung for 65th place in Allen Fieldhouse. Sorry."

??? I heard the NCAA was thinking about making the NIT a play-in tournament to the NCAA's a couple years back. But I didn't know they went though with it for this year.

Weird, I'll have to check on that. Thanks for the info.

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Big run sinks Kansas women

As long as the current coach can, at a minimum, make the WNIT every year. I consider the program moving in the right direction.

The more we're in the post season discussion, doesn't matter if it's the tournament or the WNIT, the better our recruiting is going to get.

Much easier to sell the program to potential recruits if we are playing in the post season, then it is if we are not.

But it doesn't really matter what I, or anyone else who posts on this board, thinks. The only person who's opinion matters is the AD.

If he feels he needs a coaching change, he'll make it. If not... either way I trust his judgment, and am sure he'll make the right decisions moving forward for the future of the program.

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Big run sinks Kansas women

"leikness (anonymous) says...

Not surprising that people who are happy with an NIT bid are the same ones who complain that nobody comes to watch a bad basketball team play."

... I'm a Jayhawk. I'm proud of all my school's accomplishments. I like to brag to all you non-Jayhawks about those accomplishments, and watch you get mad at my school's successes.

WNIT is post-season plain and simple. There are hundreds of other schools that are not even going to make that.

If my school wins that. A trophy is a trophy. And another banner hangs in Allen Fieldhouse.

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Big run sinks Kansas women

I'm holding out hope for an NCAA bin. But making the WNIT (hopefully winning it this time around) would be no less an accomplishment and a step in the right direction.

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Freshmen provide spark for KU women

Best bet if you don't have ESPNU is to check your local sports bar.

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Freshmen provide spark for KU women

Another good game folks. Please tune in.

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

Design tweak...


1) Change the jayhawk logo (right above the word Kansas) to KU.

2) Crimson collar.

3) Two crimson lines along sides (to match the crimson lines along the sides of the pants)


1) make crimson lines (either side of blue center line) a little thicker.

2) Jayhawk logo (near knees center of blue stripe)

Common lew. Design contest. Thank about it.

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Do you like the look of the new KU football uniforms?

How I would design the uniforms...

Closest example Patriots uniform... http://kellylowenstein.files.wordpres...


1) Numbers on the shoulder pads near the collar.

2) Crimson (where the patriots have silver).

3) Adidas logo (in place of Reebok logo).

4) Jayhawk (in place of patriot logo).

Front: Unchanged minus Adidas logo.

Back: Unchanged.

Helmet: Jayhawk on the sides.

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