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KU's nine-year bowl drought longest by five years among power-five schools

Are we REALLY doing this? We are making excuses again for a program that has gone 3-33 in the past 3 years?!!!! I live here in Oklahoma, and my Sooner and Cowboys friends and family.....heck even those in the Hurricane program asked me what in the hell is KU thinking? I have no answers. Last time we were in a bowl game I had more hair, it was full and black, and most of the kids on this team currently weren't even in puberty....let that sink in. Bottom line is, my folks ask me with coaches like Frost, Sumlin, Miles, and various others who were let go, why didn't we make a move? I have no answers.

Lastly, I still stick with my earlier statement a few weeks back. I say we have the AD and HC make a deal. 1. If the Jayhawks do not win at least 6 games next year, HC leaves and voids his contract leaving KU owing him nothing. 2. For every loss the AD, HC, and staff has to give up 75% of that weeks salary and donate it to the Lawrence food bank. or 3. If KU fails to win 6 games, then all season ticket holders will receive a 50% refund off their season ticket purchase. So how about it?!!!

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Kansas four games out of second-last place in FBS standings for past three seasons

It's kind of funny. I live smack dab in Sooner and Cowboy country. When I walked into work this morning my co-workers simply asked me, "What the hell are you all thinking?". With coaches like Miles, Graham, and Sumlin available, you choose to stick with a 3-33 coach?!!! I chuckled and let them read the comments from previous articles from this past weekend. They looked at me, gave me a hug, and said " truly are a basketball school, because it's obvious the AD doesn't know S&*@ about football". And before you all speak, keep in mind these are friends who have been fans of OU and OSU for a very long time. They were there through the Gibs, Blake, and Schnellenburger era for OU and the know OSU's Bottom line is there is no excuse for futility. So, since we are making the decision to stink one more year. I say this, all season ticket holders who have held tickets for at least 6 of the 9 years pay only $50 for their 2018 tickets. I mean you better do something to get the cheeks in the seats.

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KU defense played 'by far' its best game of season at ISU

Doug, I couldn't agree more. There has to come a time when you realize that getting blown out of game after game after game after game that there has to be a change at the DC position. I know Clint is a Lawrence/KU guy, but enough is enough.

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How Kansas can clinch more than a share of Big 12 title No. 13 on Wednesday night

I want #13 as much as anyone else. But at this point, I would have to want to rest my guys who have played A LOT of minutes this season because in just a couple of weeks, we are going to hit a stretch where they will be playing every other to every day and I don't want to fatigue to set in on a team who can very well win it all.

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Column: Risks and rewards come with true freshman QB Ryan Willis

Willis did what I expected a true freshman to do.....he made mistakes. But when you look outside the box at the overall work, I feel he should be the starter for the remainder of the season. I feel he will continue to mature as the season goes on. I hate that we have to endure the losses this season, but I am finally hopeful, in feeling, in the direction this team is heading.

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KU football picks up another offensive lineman

Brad, I think many of us are excited to see what product is put on the field this Fall. I have no expectations of 6 wins, but all I ask is for a team that fights for the entire game.

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Michael Cummings to have surgery on left knee

I will make the 3 1/2 hour trip as well! Hoping the pieces coming in over the summer and fall will help make us competitive.

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KU football finalizes 2016, 2017 non-conference schedules

Look, I can assume the majority of people don't want to schedule big name schools for the first game, but since we may not be the type of program who will be a preseason top 5 team. I say why not go ahead and schedule the big boys? Or if anything schedule teams like Tulsa, SMU, Colorado State, or even other lower major conference teams? Because as a season ticket holder, I really don't look forward to driving 3 1/2 hours to see Rhode Island or Southeast Missouri. Sorry to gripe, but I was looking forward and saving up for the Hawaii game.

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Women's basketball coaching search: Princeton head coach Courtney Banghart

I was wondering when her name was going to be thrown into the mix. I think she would be an excellent candidate for the program.

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Column: KU football focus must be to trend upward

I'd like to throw one more thing out there. How about we NOT throw out the "how many days till basketball?" comments?

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