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Kansas lands commitment from 3-star point guard Latrell Jossell


Lesson One - Allen is a Field House, not an arena.

Lesson Two - Good shooting gets you smiles, good defense gets you playing time.

Lesson Three - Please refer to Lesson Two!!!

Welcome to the "Nation", young man!! :)

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KU coach Bill Self lauds Class of 2020 signees, Tyon Grant-Foster and Bryce Thompson

Hey Bill, always a good move to make sure that everybody counts, especially right after a lauded five star commits. This class is shaping up even in the face of an NCAA flogging.

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Former Jayhawk Sam Cunliffe helps Evansville knock off No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

Heck, Bryce,,the universe wins!!! :}

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas falls to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

Random Thoughts:

1] Although it's never good to lose the first game of the season, especially to Duke, this game will provide a valuable template for the coaching staff to get the team ready for the NCAA title in six months or so.

2] As stated above by many, turnovers, no outside shooting, knucklehead decisions, missed free throws, etc. and still only a couple of non-turnovers or a three pointer away from winning would indicate this team can be fixed.

3] Sorry, I just can't join the Marcus Garrett parade. It strikes me almost as a case of "The Emperor's Clothes".

4] KU will win a lot of games by sheer talent and size against lesser opponents, but in a Top Ten match up, we better get better....a LOT BETTER!!!

5] If Mitch had been playing, we would have won this game. Does anyone agree with me?

6] Blowing of steam after a Jayhawk loss feels better than therapy...and it's a lot cheaper!!

7] I stopped counting at 10 non-calls against was ridiculous.

8] Let's see Dok hadn't played in about a year, Silvio about a year and a half and all the freshmen were in it for the first time. Madison Garden, New York City, National Television, against a Top 5 opponent with a HOF Coach. Welcome to the big time, boys!!!!

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Kansas forward Mitch Lightfoot plans to redshirt 2019-20 season

Well, Cory...I guess you really meant it. :}.

Makes sense from a logical standpoint but I fear reality will set in, Dok will suffer his annual injury, Silvio will need help and Big Mac will regress a little in live play. I predict Mitch will be on the court by Christmas.

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Notebook: Mitch Lightfoot could still redshirt after coming off bench against Fort Hays State

Let's see......Kansas vs Duke. Dok gets in foul trouble, Silvio makes a dumb play and is yanked, Big Mac, a sophomore is left in alone....HCBS yells "hey, Mitch, get in there". Full duration of Mitch's red shirt career....15 minutes, plus or minus!!! :)

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Notebook: Mitch Lightfoot could still redshirt after coming off bench against Fort Hays State


Could you please elaborate on the four exhibition games lost at Allen Field House? That had to be back in the late fifties or early sixties!!!

And, while your at it, how about the five exhibition losses outside of Allen? Would that have been pre-World War II?


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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Sorry, Steven, but the "terrible day" for KU will be when the NCAA lowers the boom on the basketball program. But I, like you, respect everyone else's opinion and thus I consider your position a legitimate take on the situation.

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Random Thoughts:

1] $$$$$$$$$$$$$...for sure.

2] Still, it will be fun to kick MU butt once a year. Once again I can lord it over all the Tigger fans here in St,Louis!

3] Contrary to some of the opinions expressed, I always was bothered that the impression from the outside world was that WE looked like whinny bitches for not continuing the rivalry.

4] No offense, Jeff, but isn't spewed venom exactly what bitter rivalries are all about? Talk to Ohio State and Michigan fans!!

5] Maybe this is a hint Bill won't be back next year?

6] Bryce, careful young man, my sister-in-law reads this blog and is an ISU Amazon Warrior Alum defending the ISU banner!! :)

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Jayhawks ranked 3rd in preseason AP Top 25

P.S. 6] Let's have a preseason ranking of the most crooked sportswear corps...Adidas, DKS, Nike, UnderArmour, Puma.....etc., etc.

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