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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas overwhelms Iowa State in Hilton Coliseum

Bryce, next time, don't hold back...tell us what you really think!! :)

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas overwhelms Iowa State in Hilton Coliseum

Since I am old school and refuse to give them another penny, I followed the game on the computer and kept thinking that this was a Hilton Colosseum in an alternative universe.

I think I-State is going to bite the big one this year.

P.S. Yes, the gentleman listed above is my much younger and much smarter little brother. We both have a brother who is an Iowa State alum who is probably not very happy right now!!! :)

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KU Men's Basketball - All-Decade Team

Matt, not that I want to make more work for you but it would be interesting to match up the KU All Decade Teams, you know, let's say 1960 to 1969, 1970 to 1979, etc., through to 2000 to 2009 and include this 2010 to 2019 team.

That 1980 to 1989 Decade team would be pretty damn good for example. So would 1950 to 1959. Thanks for a fun article to start the new year.

P.S. Maybe you could put together two All Century teams, 1900 to 1999 and 2000 to today!!
[Any team with Wilt on it would be hard to beat.] Come to think of it, the current consensus best All Time Starting Five KU team is consisted of players from 1950 to 1988 [Wilt, Clyde, Jo Jo and Danny with Mario being the only exception.

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Almost Home: No. 5 Kansas upends Stanford, 72-56, in front of pro-KU crowd

Random Thoughts:

1] Stanford was 11-1 and playing at home and Kansas ended up dominating....and we still haven't played any where near our potential yet!!

2] I am afraid that it is going to get to the point that our opponent will foul DOK every time he touches the ball and, one, force Bill to get him out of the game or, two, trade one or no points for two or three.

3] Every time I see Braun play, more and more, I get the feeling that Kansas made the recruiting steal of the century.

4] Not that it really matters much but #2 and #3 both lost so I guess Kansas will bounce back to #3 or so.

5] I think KU might struggle to go 14-4 in conference this year while still playing great.

6] I was in Lawrence over the weekend celebrating Xmas with my brothers and went across the campus a couple of times. Christmas Break on The Hill was like walking through a zombie movie one in sight, any where!!

7] Rumor has it that the ground crew guy was a Kansas State grad. All kidding aside, been on a flight like that and suddenly everything you think is important boils down to your life and your loved ones. So glad this ended well.

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Jayhawks drop to 5th in latest AP poll

In Chapel Hill...unranked!!

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'It was awful': No. 1 Kansas falters late in 56-55 loss at No. 18 Villanova

Random Thoughts:

1] I'll take the high road and look at the glass half full. We've lost two games by a total of three points to two Top Twenty teams on the road while playing our two worst games by far. We will get better.

2] Years ago, I watched Ryan Robertson brother's St.Louis University team embarrass KU in a similar 'game before Xmas Break" debacle. Horrific scheduling.

3] First game with the #1 Target on our back, on the road against a ranked opponent, before Xmas break, against a rare coach with a winning record against Bill Self....was anyone really surprised at a loss......I wasn't!!

4] Weekly, make the team watch the videos of the 'Nova and Duke games for the rest of the season to remind them of what the must not fall back into.

5] The only Number One Ranking that counts is the one on Monday, April 6, 2020 about 11:00 est.

6] I will agree with everyone on one thing...... F### 'Nova!!!

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas at No. 18 Villanova

If this was February, I would say KU wins but it's December, right before Christmas break, on the road, against a ranked Top 20 team with a coach who is as good as Bill and is undefeated against him. This looks like a "L".

Hope to hell I am wrong but I am afraid I am not!!!

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Though inconsistent, Jayhawks currently Big 12's best 3-point shooting team

I guess the whole league sucks at the trifecta...not a total surprise based on the increased distance this season.

It would be interesting to do a fresh "restart" tracking of all three point shots by Big 12 teams after the first of the the percentage will make an improvement.

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Kansas takes over No. 1 spot in AP Top 25 and coaches poll

General Custer was favored in 20 out of 21 potential battles and look how that turned out.

Let's be realistic..if KU goes 11-2 in non-conference play and 15-3 in conference play plus, say, 2-1 in the Big 12 Tourney, that's 28 - 6 going into the NCAA and that's pretty damn good!!

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 2 Kansas vs. Kansas City at Sprint Center

If Braun isn't playing point guard by the middle of the second half, then something must have gone horribly wrong!! :)

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