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Les Miles reveals KU football planning to have Rick Ross perform at spring game

Hopefully the excitement continues to build... KU football has been down for so long, anything and everything Miles can do to make KU Spring game a show... DO IT!!! Do Love the night game atmosphere and the Idea of playing at NIGHT!!!
Anything to put more LIGHT on KU FOOTBALL the better...
And YES, if there are recruits there, they need bodies in the stands to show KU Football has support!!! Students and FANS!!!


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Les Miles' first KU football recruiting class grows significantly on signing day

Very Happy with what Coach Miles has done in a short time. NOW, time to get down to Football Business...
Winter Workouts...
Spring Game...
Summer Workouts...
Fall... 1st Thing, Thanks Coach Miles, good first class... Cheering on my Hawks from OK...
He could have signed the best there is to get, (KU signed some pretty good prospects)but U do have to believe that NOT all the kids stay or even come to KU... It's just the nature of the BEAST. It would be great to say all these kids will be in Uniform next Fall, that still has to be determined... What I'm saying is, how many NCAA Championships did the Fab 5 win??? NONE...


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4-star prep DE Steven Parker commits to KU football

Keep Getting the Kids that seem to B Quality people and this program will once again take off!!!

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Bishop Miege standout Dylan Downing plans to join KU football

Kansas Kid... Get everyone U can get... Show these Kansas Kids some LOVE.
U can't get the best KS Kids to KU, why would an out of state kid even consider KU...

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Les Miles and staff have a few days to complete 2019 recruiting class


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Pittsburg LB Jerek Butcher plans to join KU football

Always good to get KS kids!!!
If U can't get kids out of Ur backyard, then why would out of state kids consider KU...
Keep getting quality players/kids and the program will follow...

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KU's QB competition 'elevated' with 3 candidates in mix to start

REPS, I agree... The starter needs as many as he can get.

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Tom Keegan: How many more games for David Beaty?

Great POST!!! Where are the #'s on recruits??? Seems we have the same MSM reporting (lying) about KU FB and Our President... Beaty, has improved the #'s at KU every year. I agree, they need to start winning some games, the culture is "TOUGH", to change when U have lost for so long... RCJH GO KU!!!

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Should KU be worried about getting dumped from a Power 5 Conference? The financial stakes are huge

!st, I don't even want to read this article... The F ing Big XII screwed itself (bigxii commissioner did) by treating schools like crap... All the Big XII needed to do was add a few schools: no better then Memphis/Louisville/Cincinnati, could have added 2 of the 3... NEW MARKETS and quality teams, too bad the Big XII is the DUMBEST bunch of MORONS ever!!! The commissioner has DONE NOTHING TO BETTER THE Big XII's spot in the college football landscape... Looks to me like he's done nothing but screw the Big XII teams out of $$$ and possible financial "FREEDOM"!!!

Big XII commissioner has too go!!!

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Tom Keegan: KU needs to find the department leader who can find the football leader

GEORGE!!! John is saying, keep a coach here that wants to B here and if U think firing a coach every 2/3 years then U never get anywhere BUT start over and over again... Consistency and continuity with coaches and an O and D, you know you'll have each year, SO MUCH EASIER TO RECRUIT!!!

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