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Perkins did it his way

Well said Phogdog!

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Perkins did it his way

How much are you guys getting paid to be Perkins cheerleaders? Just curious.

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Perkins did it his way

Well, that was almost a good article. My jury is still out on Perkins. He really made a mess of the football team. So, he can raise money, so what? If you get rid of a football coach who has advanced your football program more then anyone else in KU football history but lay an egg with the new hire. You've accomplished nothing but spending the university's money. Then what? How about early retirement or forced resignation after a witch hunt in the national media arena. Sound familiar?

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Mangino’s words just overkill

There exists a fog in Lawrence and it's not at Allen fieldhouse. This whole mess was down right embarassing. Let's take a poll and see how many think Lew Perkins should keep his job.

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Ex-player accuses Mangino of mistreatment

There are 2 sides to every story. After 6 years how good is your memory?
Statistically, every time a story is told it gets bigger and bigger. If the burns were that bad but an apology would heal all wounds-please! The witch hunt continues. I am truly embarrassed as a KU alum.
Be careful what you wish for boys. I've lived through many years of dismal KU football. This was the most fun I've had watching the football games.
No he's not pretty but he coaches like most D1 football coaches. We haven't started some new technique at KU. Right or wrong, this is how it works at this level. How many of you have kids that play middle school football? A coach in a kids face-unheard of. Not! It happens all the time. It's the difference beween dismal football and competitive football. Wake up.You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want warm fuzzy football at KU then get rid of Mangino and hire Oprah. Time to put your big boy pants on and realize that competitive college football is not going to be pretty.

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