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Opinion: Defend Big 12 title? Of course KU can

Keegan not mentioning Rio should tell you that he is transferring. Rio looked lost defensively and out of control offensively. HCBS will put his scholarship to good use in 2014 since we will only lose Wesley next year. I hope Wiggins commits to KU, but I wouldn't count on it. I thought Randle was our best bet and Coach Cal pulled another fast one at the last minute. What a crook. Nice loss in the NIT this year Coach.

Also Conner won't transfer if he doesn't start as a freshman. KU is his dream school and always has been.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

I thought EJ's last drive in regulation should have been a charge, but you can dispute calls throughout the game. Lucious certainly could have been called for grabbing EJ's arm on the same drive and Withey's charge call was disputed by Fran earlier as an obvious block. If the Big 12 is reviewing the last play (which was a judgement call) then they need to look at the entire game.

EJ ended last season by shooting better and handling the ball better than earlier in the season. Hopefully he is rounding into form. Loved the way Perry shot the ball without hesitating. Who stole Ben and put AWIII in #23 jersey? Ben needs to "man up" and demand the ball too.

Great win for HCBS and the Hawks!

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3 is enough: McLemore helps KU snap out of funk with win over KSU

HCBS won't change the starting lineup from here on out. That totally changed the team flow the last time he tried it (TCU). As the saying goes "it's more important who finishes the game than who starts". We will see more Naa running the point than EJ especially at the end of the halves. Elijah has been awful at the end of the shot lock lately. I thought this would be one of Bill's deeper teams, but it is clear that he has no confidence with Rio, AWIII or Perry in crunch time. Great to see the Hawks playing with some passion. We will need it against OSU, ISU and Baylor on the road. Happy Birthday Ben!

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

I have been watching KU basketball since I was in college at KU in the mid 70's. This is easily the worst game I have ever seen a KU team play and maybe the worst EVER. However suggesting HCBS should be fired is absurd. He tried AW3 (air ball), Rio, Wesley, and even Nico with no success. I agree that we could use a better PG because EJ isn't a true PG. A PG should be the easiest position on the floor to recruit since there are so many in High School. That is on Bill.

I don't know why Travis doesn't shoot more. Why, why, why? What happened to the "high low" pass that got KU so many easy buckets? That is on Bill.

I will be in Norman for the KU game on Saturday and hope they break out of this funk. Students better "bring it" on Big Monday for the KSU game. The Hawks obviously need all the help they can get. RCJH.

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Notebook: Naadir Tharpe challenging himself against Elijah Johnson in practice

This team is a much better "starter" than last year's team. Remember HCBS had to burn timeouts in the first 2-3 minutes of the game a lot of times last year especially in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully they can continue that at OSU on Saturday "when the season starts".

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Jayhawk recruit Marquel Combs top-ranked juco prospect

I completely forgot about McKinney and also never thought he would show up on campus at KU. The JUCO model worked pretty well for Bill Snyder at KSU when he started from scratch and had to build a program. Charlie seems to know what he is doing even though it didn't translate to "wins" in his first year. Same thing happened to Mangino and he turned out to be the winningest football coach in KU history. Go Charlie!

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Travis Releford MVP as KU upends Billikens

Agreed on the announcers. Ironically they didn't say that KU had a three on none fast break for a dunk if they didn't call a foul on the Biliken. It should have been a no call. When was the last time KU had the same number of blocks as they did turnovers? I'm not sure it has ever happened. This team has improved immensively since the first game now that HCBS has settled on an 8 man rotation. I would like to see AW III get some shots though.

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KU drops down-to-the-wire thriller with Michigan State

The difference in the game was the MSU guards played better in the last 5 minutes than Elijah and Travis. Too many turnovers and missed shots. Applying and Harris made great plays to win. Jay Bilas (who is a great analyst even though he is a Dukie) said KU is a lot better now than they were 10 days ago and they will be a lot better 10 days from now. We have a deeper bench this year and will win the Big 12 again because the league is down in talent. Good teaching film for HCBS because it was a tough loss, not a BAD loss.

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With no help from its shooting, KU grinds out 74-55 victory over Southeast Missouri

P.S. the SI cover jinx is alive and well since Elijah had a poor game against SEMS!

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With no help from its shooting, KU grinds out 74-55 victory over Southeast Missouri

Congratulations to Doc Sadler for his first official victory inside AFH. I was pleasantly surprised that Naadir was much improved from his freshmen year. W/o him we might have lost one last night with Elijah out of the game. Perry has a chance to be as good as Wayne by the end of his 4 years at KU (yes I think he will stay all 4 years). Kevin Young's return will also help this team be better. As usual KU will look shaky early in the season and come on strong during the Big 12 games. Besides the league is way down in talent this year. RCJH.

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