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KU football picked No. 21 by Lindy's

To txrockchalk

I believe that was the Coup de gras "triple Lindy" pulled off by Thornton Melon. What a great comic........a little sparring by Al Czervik "Rodney" and Tony D Annunzio "Scott Colomby" from Caddyshack: Czervik... "Hey, Sabu, you know how to make a Bullshot"? Annunzio..... "Do you know how to make a shoe smell"? Good stuff......anywho, Rockchalk, take the North this year Baby!!!!

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Jayhawks a favorite to win in 2010

If you don't have the stones to commit to the best program in the Country, You dang sure don't have the stones to win it all!!! Go to Calitucky, see ya!

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Jayhawks a favorite to win in 2010

Lets all get over these wishy-washy clowns, get Lance, and win another title!! Tell X and the Yankee to take a hike to Calitucky, we don't want ya!!

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Briscoe still being held out of KU practice

Just another typical Thug. Do what it takes, or get the heck outta Lawrence.

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2 NU players transferring

Where does this Little Runt think he is going to transfer to? What other D1 school would want this clown besides Nebraska? What a Joke!

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Henry wants to go to KU, father says

Boys.....S**t or get off the pot!!! You would only be so lucky to come to KU!!!

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Tiller leads Missouri past Memphis 102-91 in West

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March 27, 2009 at 3:10 p.m. ( )

Minneapolis it is

People, people, get a grip. Many of you already have us losing to this lowly team. I could understand the lack of confidence if KU was playing for the National Championship in Curling, but this is Basketball, KU Basketball!! Yes the Bison host an arsenal of Seniors, and an impressive 3pt. %.......against Centenary, Stephen F. Austin, IPFW, and the powerhouse that is Valley City State......exactly, they play nobody. They will play zone, try to press KU, and will attempt 30-40 treys. KU will shred their zone, run them to death, pressure them as they have never been pressured before, they have no where near the athletes we do, and will fold like a cheap Japanese fan, mark my words, NDSU has no chance, and HCBS will have the Hawks pumped and ready for action. So buck up fellow fans, Elite 8 here comes KU!

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Minneapolis it is

Steve4ku, you are correct, way to much thinking going into this one! A severe beating will be adminstered to the lowly Bison. NDSU will have virtually no points in the paint, chuck up more threes than any opponent thus far, and will not be able to handle the on ball pressure applied by the Jayhawks, they will fold like Superman on Laundry day! Cole will tear them a new one, and the back cut alleyoops will get out of hand.

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