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Tom Keegan: Sheahon Zenger's seat hottest of all

1) Everyone was hoping the KU guy could stick as DC and help turn the program around but unfortunately, the defense just continues to look terrible, and even with 3 preseason all big 12 players. It is time Bowen is let go and they bring in someone who really knows what he is doing. Does anyone remember Kevin Kane? Yeah, he is the DC at NIU now and they basically shut Nebraska down all day and pulled off the upset in Lincoln. He was our LB coach for one season.

2) Zenger must also be relieved of his duties and get a true big time football mind as the AD and someone who has been around major college football success. It is time that the job is taken seriously.

3) I think Beaty should be allowed to finish out the year and we get a new DC, now if Beaty is ever let go and the guy is still available, you have to pay someone big money to do a big job. I like what I have seen out of Brent Venibles, I think he should be one of the first ones to call.

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Completed Friday Game Prep with Matt Tait: Memphis

I disagree completley on the intro video. I think this was the best intro video we have had in a long long time. I loved that one video showed the history, one threw it back to the 08 season and had highlights of a lot of our biggest named players and the biggest moments and then had one with current players and past couple seasons. I think I have to give the video a B+ or A-

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CB Boateng dismissed from KU football program

No offense but this is the complete opposite of what is actually happening. Why would he want to run off players so he can open up scholarships that he can't even use this year? Also he knows what position he is in why would he want to make it worse? Anyone who has paid any attention to the program since Beaty took over you know he is the complete opposite of Weis and not just running players off. Avery got kicked off for steal (rumored), Coleman for attitude and failed drug test. Beaty has embraced many of the last staffs players because they are at KU and he wants them to be successful and he knows he needs them especially with the #s they have.

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KU freshmen could make quick contributions

it is crazy so many news outlets think that he is a KU RB... ESPN had it on the side ticker of the homepage for social media stuff.

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Speed gives Cozart another dimension

The thing in this system you can do a read option attack all you want but the QB has to some form of willingness to run or the zone blocking better be good. Also there needs to be some form of threat to pass. Cozart needs to show he is willing to take a hit, tuck it and run, and be able to do some play action. Without that there is no deception in a zone read spread play-action attack

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KU freshmen could make quick contributions

Per Foxsports and ESPN he is a RB on the roster and every website that has talked about him says he is a KU player. His Instagram says he is a KU sophomore but nothing about being on the team. I really hope Beaty and co really do talk to this kid and see about letting him walk on. If we were able to get a lot of the guys we did to come "walk on" we should be able to get him to at least come to camp. Also he is from Junction City, KS so it would be even a cooler story to see KU give him a shot. Isn't that something Beaty and staff are trying to build?

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KU freshmen could make quick contributions

Another freshman I think definitely has a chance when he gets healthy is Booker. He was having a great camp and the coaches were raving about him but he has been banged up and may just be getting back the week of the first game. They have also said that Taylor Martin (RB) and Clyde McCauley could find themselves in some playing time situation. I would RS all the OL if we could tho.

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What naming Montell Cozart the starting QB means for Kansas football

There is not anything offical on KUathletics on the roster but according to Fox and ESPN he is on the team and plays RB. He has some insane videos on instagram as well. has him as KU RB as well. I hope he is on our team because the athleticism is enough to garner a good look at a skills position, the kid is a BEAST

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Beaty believes in Memorial Stadium

I would consider it more for seating and anesthetics than noise. It would give the players a tunnel to come out of hopefully and would probably cover up the fence that you can see. I think it would just bring fans potentially closer to field potentially and give it a better look.

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Beaty believes in Memorial Stadium

I think if you get rid of the "luxury" leather seats at the end of the stadium and put some seating there that extends to both ends of the bowl would not only make it look better but it would also help close in the stadium and keep some noise in. Also would get rid of seeing the legs of the score board.

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