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Opinion: Running on first down best bet for KU

Looking forward to being in Memorial Stadium this weekend to cheer on the 'hawks. Might be the only game I catch this season, so I'm hoping for some big improvements and a huge win!

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Opinion: Running on first down best bet for KU

I'm curious if you think Kansas was a pass heavy offense during the Orange Bowl season. If you do, you're wrong. Although I agree with you that we have to be able to pass, I think that statement is just a given fact. Every team has to be able to pass and every team has to be able to run. Kansas was fun to watch because of the big play potential with Henry, Briscoe, and Meier. What people forget though, and especially during the Orange Bowl season, is just how successfully that football team ran the ball. McAnderson and Sharp were a one-two punch that I'm not sure many teams in the nation had. I have yet to understand, even under Gill, we have not gone back to the two back set that was so successful during that era. We have strong running backs that can block and we have plenty of them that obviously want to be on the field. Play them for crying out loud! Make the defense wonder who is going to get the ball and what direction the ball is going. The comments about our o-line are spot on...they aren't very good this year. Well, let's do something about it and use some misdirection plays with our linemen...see if they're as athletic as Weis says they are. Use play action when we pass. We don't necessarily need "trick" plays, but let's start making the defenses guess what we're going to do with some sound play calling.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

I'd like to see Turzilli get some action as well.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

I'm not sure they were really advertised to be burners. What they were advertised to be were good route runners. I have posted this before, but I think the problem with our receivers is that they aren't selling their routes well enough.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

There's three thngs that allow a football team to run the ball and pass the ball effectively. A good quarterback, a good stable of running backs, and a big front of nasty offensive linemen. Care to guess what we don't have? Not too hard to figure out if you've watched any of the first three games. Although I don't agree with some of the playcalling, there is a serious problem up front.

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Opinion: Kansas football primed to upset Red Raiders

The Jayhawk "faithful" are those that stick with the team despite continuing to produce losing teams year in and year out. The "faithful" are not those that climb on board when we're winning. Nor are the "faithful" those wearing rose-colored glasses. We "faithful", and yes I think you are one of us, are individuals who know what kind of team we have and are realistic of our chances of winning. The comments are a bit negative, but have to say more than likely realistic. I do think we have a shot...but only if we come out and rip some "you know whating" heads off.

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KU offensive line seeking more toughness during bye week

I don't think there's many calling for his head. Maybe two or three. Don't make it sound like you're the lone ranger here when it comes to supporting Weis and company. However, I don't think that just because someone makes a Mark Mangino comment that it's time to get your panties in a bunch either. I don't think there's a single person here that would give up that Orange Bowl win and a top 5 season ending ranking. For the record, that doesn't happen without Mangino. I think it's time to stop the bashing of Mangino and Weis both. Fickle fans.

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KU offensive line seeking more toughness during bye week

If he was great? don't win a BCS bowl at the University of Kansas and then fire that coach unless he killed someone or molested someone. Do you reprimand him for something indecent if that's what it's deemed? Absolutely. I understand that people are tired of hearing Mark Mangino references. But until another coach comes along that they can win in a big way like the fat man did, then get used to it and enjoy the memories we had when he was coach. He was, in fact, a great coach. Despite the lackluster Big XII record. Best coach Kansas has had for a very long time. Mason would be the second best in my lifetime.

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Self: Newcomers’ talents impressive

Yeah I agree with you. If I would have scrolled down before commenting on someone else's it would have saved some typing. Agree 100% with you.

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Self: Newcomers’ talents impressive

You guys are forgetting Andrew White. Not sure why nobody is mentioning this kid. I garauntee you that he is pushing for PT. He very well may be the redshirt this season though. He is quite a talent and I promise you he will have a huge season at KU at some point if he stays put which I think he will. Would be foolish not to.

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