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Gameday Breakdown: No. 7 Kansas vs. No. 20 Kentucky

Should be an interesting game. Kentucky could play nervous and like a bunch of Freshman, and this could bring KU's game down as well, and make for a very sloppy loose game. With Calipari's freshman, you never know what you'll get in the early season. They could play like a bunch of young kids in a pick-up game at the YMCA, or a Final Four team. I predict the game will be close until the last 10 minutes and KU will pull away.

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No. 1 Gonzaga sprints by Kansas, 102-90, at season-opening Fort Myers Tip-Off

A few observations:

*Sloppy game for sure. But turnovers and defense can be improved through coaching. It wasn't unexpected for us to be so sloppy, but certainly wish we could have defended better.

*Our guards can score. What a relief that we have guards who cane make 3s. If they turn cold, we'd be in big trouble.

*Defending inside might be our hardest challenge this year. Teams that are really big, like Baylor, will be a matchup nightmare for us on D.

*Why even bother with wearing masks and having the bench seats 6 feet apart? Aren't they all effectively in the same bubble? They are literally all touching the same sweaty ball, but then they must sit 6 feet apart? I don't understand.

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Former Jayhawk Tyler Self named general manager of NBA G League's Austin Spurs

Tyler got his degree and masters, that's great! But I do wonder how much having his Dad's connections landed him that job. That's not even a bad thing necessarily, that's just how the world works.. His Dad's name/connections may have helped him get the job, but he will have to be the one to keep it. I have no reason to doubt that he can do the job and do it well.

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No. 17 Cowboys dismantle KU football as Jayhawks' offense stumbles

At least KU should have no problem recrutting punters. Kyle Thompson had 9 punts in this game! Any 5 star punter should want to come to KU. There are more punting opportunities at KU than any other power 5 team!

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With latest setback, KU football's road Big 12 losing streak reaches 50

Agree. It seems picking the freshman would be best long term. But it seems, from my perspective as a fan, almost impossible to see which QB is best.

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With latest setback, KU football's road Big 12 losing streak reaches 50

Why did we fire Mangino again? Honestly, I really have never heard a good answer to that question.

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Les Miles: New KU starting QB Jalon Daniels 'could' retain the job

As a true freshman, in his first start on the road, and with an O line that resulted in four sacks, I'd say he did pretty good.

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Baylor shakes off early rust, rolls past Kansas for 47-14 win

It's all basically security theater.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

I meant even if we don't turn it over, we still likely won't win against Baylor.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at Baylor

Run the ball more, and don't turn it over. If those two things happen, we still likely won't win, but it will be progress. Somehow the team has to change the mentality. They have to think that they can win, and that, in turn results in competing on every play.

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