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Talk of Kansas basketball hanging a 2020 national championship banner seems tacky

It’s likely too late, but the NCAA should consider delaying the start of the tournament two weeks then reverting to the old schedule using the top 32 teams. The first weekend would pare the field to eight. Then, Thursday of week two the field would be pared to four. Saturday the Final Four would be played, with the Championship either Monday night or the following weekend.

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Media pegs KU's Udoka Azubuike as Big 12's top player; Marcus Garrett named to 2nd team

I don't think Bill would trade his Hall of Fame selection just to be named Big XII Coach of the Year, year after year. HOF outweighs B-XII COY by a huge margin. Drew will never be in the HOF. No way, no how!

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Azubuike, Dotson named Naismith Trophy semifinalists

"According to the Kansas Men's Basketball Media guide: The original criteria for a retired jersey included KU players named college basketball player of the year, most valuable player of the NCAA Tournament or being named a four-time All-American.

The list was expanded in 1997 to include Ray Evans, who holds the distinction of being an All-American in both football and basketball.

The criteria was expanded prior to the 2002-03 season to include consensus first-team All-Americans, two-time first-team All-America selections and Academic All-American of the Year.

In 2006 legendary KU radio man Max Falkenstien was added to the rafters to recognize his 60 years of brodcasting KU athletics.

Having said all that, here is a Feb 2009 quote from Coach Self: "There is really not a criteria other than the greatest players that play here deserve to be considered for that." "

I think there's a good chance, if Self is still around a few years from now, that Azubuike and Dotson will both see their jerseys raised to the rafters. Add Garrett's to that, also.

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Udoka Azubuike's career night gives Jayhawks at least share of Big 12 title

Matt quoted Coach word for word.

“Last year, we took a step sideways because we couldn’t bring home the title,” KU coach Bill Self told the sellout crowd after the victory. “But this year, these guys grinded, played every game and almost every possession when there was no margin for error, and they came through.”

Matt paraphrased Self's reflection on the team being the best he's coached to ever win the Big XII. Then, again he quoted word for word.

“I’m more proud of this one than any one we’ve ever had," Self said.

I take it to mean that Coach recognizes the adversity that this team has had to overcome. Considering this year there are two really strong teams battling for the Big XII, with the other eight not contending, but a threat nonetheless. This has meant that a three or four loss record was not going to win the conference as in years past. Especially after losing at home to the main competition, this year's team never gave up and battled every day to bring the title home to Kansas once again... and succeeded.

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One-year relationship between Isaiah Moss, Kansas basketball mutually beneficial

It could be a matter of Coach chastising Moss for passing up open shots. Especially during times that teams are double/triple teaming Dok, a couple made three point shots can force the opposing team to have to cover the shooters. Recently, Moss had a wide open look from the three point line and passed instead to Ochai, who missed his three. If it was a set play for Moss, his teammates might have been positioning themselves for a potential rebound. Shots made from different places on the court often ricochet differently, and if players are in the wrong place a rebound opportunity can be missed.

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Follow the Leader: KU point guard Devon Dotson propels top-ranked Kansas to hard-fought win at K-State

Funny, the totals are updated on every pregame video at the Phog, yet they don’t keep their own website up to date. 😉. Go figure.

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Benton Smith: Shorthanded Jayhawks impress in crunch time against Wildcats

Is there any question that Dotson is the MVP? Today he put the team on his shoulders and carried them to the win. He had help, but when the Jayhawks needed someone to make up for the loss of Dok, Devon stepped up his game on both ends of the court!

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Follow the Leader: KU point guard Devon Dotson propels top-ranked Kansas to hard-fought win at K-State

The empty seats could be season ticket holders being “fair weather” fans and not students. Kind of like the folks who left the Phog before the miracle comeback against WVU a few years back.

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Matt Tait: Marcus Garrett's versatility, poise under pressure worthy of KU's MVP honor

Dotson - Naismith College Player of the Year + Wooden Most Outstanding Player of the Year

Garrett - Naismith College Defensive Player of the Year.

Azubuike & Dotson - First Team All American (NCAA & Big XII)

Garrett - Second Team All American (NCAA & Big XII)

I am a huge fan of Marcus, but stats are what garner the votes. Garrett may be the steering wheel that keeps the car centered in the lane, but Dotson is the engine that propels it.

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