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KU target Ty Ty Washington shares Bill Self's recruiting pitch in Instagram Live interview

If Ty Ty comes, you'll see several from that busload of guards in the transfer portal next year, even if he goes OAD.

I still say he is better than any of the other incoming guards, and Coach WILL give him the keys.

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Kansas basketball makes latest cut in Ty Ty Washington recruitment

KU DOES need this kid! He is almost certainly a starter at point guard if he comes to KU. Ty Ty is incredibly versatile and can spot up and shoot from anywhere on the court. He defends extremely well and drives and dishes or drives and finishes. He is not flashy, just good.

(click on the video with his picture)

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Kansas basketball makes latest cut in Ty Ty Washington recruitment

AZ Compass is an Under Armour sponsored Prep school. Ty Ty wears UA shoes.

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Kansas basketball target TyTy Washington expected to cut list to 5 this weekend

On his Twitter page 18 hrs ago he narrowed his choices to six. Arizona, Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU, and Oregon.

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Kansas freshman Bryce Thompson the latest Jayhawk to enter transfer portal

As much as I hoped Bryce would return and shine on next season's team, it is apparent he would at best be the first guard off the bench and not a starter. If Agbaji & Wilson return (likely), that would leave the next three starters, Christian Braun and Dajuan Harris (or Yesufu), along with David McCormack at center. Thompson would have been a sub for Harris or Braun, except that KU has Yesufu coming in as a seasoned, talented, point guard who might very well challenge Harris for the starting position. In addition, if Self gets Ty Ty Washington to commit, that would pretty much guarantee Thompson would be a sub. He would have to have an impossibly stellar preseason to break into the starting lineup, and that would be unlikely to happen.

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Kansas freshman Bryce Thompson the latest Jayhawk to enter transfer portal

Rodney, your remark is ill informed at best and snarky at worst. A healthy Bryce Thompson would be an excellent contributor to a successful campaign next season. He never got going this season, but when he did, Bryce showed some real skills.

This is NOT good news for Kansas! I believe that true KU fans would welcome Bryce back should he decide to withdraw from the transfer portal.

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North Carolina basketball announces Roy Williams' retirement after 33 seasons

KU was blessed to have had Coach Williams for 15 seasons! Under severe pressure from family and his former coach Dean Smith to come home to UNC, Roy broke many Jayhawk hearts, some irreparably. I am not one who felt betrayed when he left and have always wished him well (except when playing against Kansas).

Congratulations Coach on a superb career!

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KU's Bill Self offers fond farewell to retiring Oklahoma basketball coach Lon Kruger

It's one thing to hate a school and it's program. Missouri comes to mind. It's another to hate its coach because he happens to coach that school's team. An example for me is Norm Stewart. I will root against Missouri until my dying day, but consider Norm to have been a great coach and a worthy adversary.

Lon Kruger has always been a very classy coach and should be respected (not despised) for his body of work, no matter the school he coached for. It's a shame you can't see the difference, Bryce.

Well done, Coach Kruger. Enjoy your well deserved retirement!

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Jayhawks rolled by Trojans in 85-51 defeat during Round 2 of NCAA Tournament

So, was Self such a bad coach that KU ended 2020 as the Number ONE team in the NCAA polls and would almost certainly have been the Number ONE seed if the NCAA had held a post season tournament last year? Is it possible that the investigation into Adidas schools only, Kansas specifically, and none of the Nike schools has hurt recruiting? If it ever occurs that Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, and all the other Nike schools are investigated, is it possible those schools will lose recruits? And possibly coaches?

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Notebook: Senior guard Marcus Garrett knocks down a trio of 3-pointers in win over Eagles

I think a few of your words got auto-corrected, because your post doesn't really make sense. Sorry

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