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K-State president has heard enough of vulgar anti-KU chant

Where's Wefald at now I wonder? He seemed to delight and enjoy such playful banter and high jinks from the mildcat faithful.
Used to root for state when they played other teams than the Jayhawks... gave that up after the jerk hit Jamari Traylor.
We have a 100 game edge over these clowns in basketball... no wonder they are upset.
once snyder leaves, their football program will bottom out again posthaste...I for one can't wait. Rock Chalk

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Intense initiation right on schedule for KU freshman Josh Jackson

Got to love this young man's desire to compete. Not only a prodigious talent, but it sounds as if he's going to be a hell of a team mate as well... Can't wait till the 1st! Rock Chalk

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Self lands another coaching honor

Bring on the S. O. B. (Shorts on Backward) man!!!!

I believe he would be good for the Big 12, plus we wouldn't

have Mr. Pickens sniffing around our coach that way!!!

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KU's Self named AP Coach of the Year; OU's Hield first 2-time top player

Well deserved recognition!!!!
Bill Self=Best coach in the nation!!!!

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2016 Big 12 basketball postseason awards

The obvious omission... Bill Self as coach of the year!!!

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Secondary issues dominate KU-KSU

I believe this is going to blow up in the mildcats collective faces.
No way the Hawks look past these guys now...

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Kansas State students asked to sign sportsmanship pledge

A Pledge Pin should be required... ala "Animal House"

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Arizona prep to visit KU

it's a poem

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