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KU says all home and away athletic events canceled indefinitely

Robert Moore. The disease is more infectious in the flu, both because no one has any antibodies, and because of the way the disease transmits. It’s possible that 100 million people could end up infected in the United States. If everybody gets sick at once, then the hospitals are overrun, and The relatively low mortality rate will increase. So the goal is to flatten out the infection curve, so that if 100 million people do end up being infected over time, it doesn’t happen all at once. That’s why these events have to be canceled.

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

How about we just keep running offense until the buzzer sounds. If there's 10 seconds left in a blowout, still try to run offense and get a shot.

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Gatto, others in NCAA basketball scandal seek probation; they argue scheme was designed to help KU, other universities

My gut tells me we're screwed. Does anyone really believe the coaches knew nothing? How does anyone believe that?

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How deeply will NCAA dig into KU's recruiting? That question and others still loom after trial

The article also explained that the jury could still convict if the coaching staff knew. It would then be a conspiracy with the coaching staff to defraud the university, and the jury could still convict.

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3 convicted of fraud in college basketball corruption trial

Does this mean that a jury found - beyond a reasonable doubt - that neither Bill Self nor Kurt Townsend knew about the scheme? If one of them knew, then KU knew, and there was no fraud. Or is that not the case? Does anyone know?

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Devonte' Graham credits Bill Self for smooth transition to NBA

Does anyone think he will get playing time as a 2 guard?

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Senior forward Dwight Coleby leaving Kansas basketball program

I enjoyed watching you play. I'm glad the program feels you did what it asked, and did it the right way. Best of luck! Rock chalk.

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Obama commutes life sentence for father of former KU basketball player Jamari Traylor

Ryan Gee is my hero. It is so exhausting dealing with these Archie Bunkers like Jay Scott, who still hasn't posted a single thought he hasn't regurgitated from Hannity. And then the Archie Bunkers project onto us that we are the ones who uncritically believe whatever we see on media, watch fake news, are alt-left, etc. But it is important that actual thinking be put on display.

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Obama commutes life sentence for father of former KU basketball player Jamari Traylor

It's fascinating how quickly Jay Scott fires off his mouth, except when confronted by Ryan Gee's post with actual facts and analysis.

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Brother battles shaped transfer Evan Maxwell

If God wills it.

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