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Thomas Robinson hustles his way to top spot

I will be the first to admit, I was Very skeptical of Teahan to start of the year and to be honest, I have not seen a thing to change my mind to date. Yes he can hit outside shots, but he is AWFUL and I mean AWFUL on the defensive end. The guys he will be guarding at the SG or SF positions will be boundlessly more athletic and quicker and our team defense is not good enough to make up for him getting burnt over and over again. Makes me miss BMac even more seeing him on the court.

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Gary Bedore’s KU hoops notebook

+1 haha

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California prep Merv Lindsay chooses KU basketball

Yea, not going to lie. From watching his highlight tape, he does not look like a high-major division 1 athlete. I have all the faith in the world in HCBS, but this guy may never see the floor. It also makes me think twice about our other recruits because he doesn't have the faith in them to not recruit scrubs like this guy. Not writing off Merv yet, but I will be surprised if he does not transfer from KU before his four years are up...

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Former Jayhawk Royce Woolridge visits Washington St.

Did anyone else see that Deandre Daniels is no longer considering Duke according to "sources close to the situation"? It was reported by

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Chalk it up for this one IMO.

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Pair of KU basketball targets to display talents in Lawrence

I don't see any scenario where we lose out on ALL of those recruits. We have the most important thing to new recruits, PT, especially for the bigs. Also, with Lamb staying at Kentucky, I would think that would push Lacey to between us and 'Bama. Daniels is a tough one, anyone that says they know anything about him at this point is probably going off speculation because he has been a done deal to like three different schools and still hasn't committed anywhere so we will see with him. Murray doesn't help us now and with the loaded 2012 class, I don't see him as a major priority. Traylor would be a nice addition of athleticism and quickness to compliment our front line, but he is still a second tier addition IMO. Only time will tell, Bill Self will work his late-period magic like always! RCJHGKU!

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Kentucky prep Tony Kimbro to visit

Just off first glance, the kid does not look to be a big 6 conference athlete at the wing position. Will not get wide open looks at that level and will need to finish with more authority. IF he did come here, i would definitely guess a redshirt season to be in his near future..

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KU remains at No. 3 in both polls

Yahweh, I second this response

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Men's basketball notebook: Marcus’ nickname? ‘Mook’

Just kidding, just watched the interview with him...lose the beard Self! :)

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Men's basketball notebook: Marcus’ nickname? ‘Mook’

Anybody know where any pictures of Self with a beard? haha Really can't picture such a straight up, old fashioned type like Self to sport a beard!

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