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3 convicted of fraud in college basketball corruption trial

In other words, De Sousa's amateur status has been compromised, according to Gassnola. So if Kansas played the 6-foot-9 forward under these circumstances it would risk being punished for playing somebody who likely will be ruled ineligible, at least for a period of time, retroactively. Either way, Kansas already played De Sousa in 20 games last season -- including all five games it played in the NCAA Tournament. Consequently, it's reasonable to expect that the Jayhawks will eventually be required to vacate their 2018 Final Four appearance if De Sousa is ruled to have been ineligible last season.

This is being reported on CBS Sports page

I bet DeSousa sits until after the NCAA investigation is over. KU can't risk forfeiting any more losses if Silvio is deemed ineligible. His season is over!

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3 convicted of fraud in college basketball corruption trial

The article leaves a lot of unanswered questions like the ones you pose, but most importantly it appears the case is over with no further penalties to KU.
The article doesn't mention De Sousa penalties at all so I'm not sure how to take that.

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3 convicted of fraud in college basketball corruption trial

I think we all know Ku wasn't the victim here, but KU came out pretty clean. I need to reread the article, but I don't remember it speaking of repercussions to De Sousa. I just hope this is all behind us!! RCJH!

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Christian Braun to take in Kansas game

How can you possibly call yourself a fan with that type of attitude? Mizzou will gladly take you, but, as a Jayhawk fan, I want no part of you!

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Tom Keegan: Stormy texting puts KU basketball on center stage at trial

Or maybe Gassnola just wanted his undivided attention. You make it sound sleazy only because that's what you are looking for! How about we give him the benefit of the doubt?

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2019 PF Jeremiah Robinson-Earl closing in on a decision?

I'm glad our NCAA investigation is wrapping up now. That decision may help him decide on his. RCJH!

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The 5 most pressing questions Kansas fans are asking as the college basketball trial comes to a close

Barry, your'e right in what a crummy way to start off this year, but then again all this could be behind us very soon. I would rather have it come and go as it hopefully will as opposed to having it drag out further. But we haven't heard yet from the NCAA so too soon to breath easy.
But the worst is over, and although KU might be tarnished we're not dead. Townsend's words aren't good, but words and actions are two different things. Unless the NCAA can prove actions, his words are simply fodder with no proof of substance. As stated above, words and actions are two different things. Case closed.
I, personally, feel pretty good about where we stand. I can promise you the NCAA was hoping for, and expecting way more than they got.
We will all know soon enough! RCJH!!!!

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

Self could have been thanking Gatto for numerous reasons: 1. Being an advocate for KU. 2. Saying good things about KU and Lawrence. 3. Saying good things about the quality of education at KU. 4. Talking about our rich basketball tradition. 5. Talking about HCBS being in the Hall of Fame proving his great coaching abilities. 5. Talking about the beautiful campus at KU 6. Talking about the great town of Lawrence. All those things and many others could influence a prospects decision, and hearing that from a representative who travels to see many campuses can only help KU land talent. Nothing illegal there at all! And shouldn't sound bad at all to anyone looking at the situation objectively!

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

Perhaps Self knew of the innocent work Adidas had done on his behalf talking up the program, the strength of the team. the rich tradition, etc... to prospective players. Self and Adidas working together to get a player to come to KU isn't illegal. It's in both parties interest to get high profile players to KU. In fact, they should work together to accomplish that goal. It only becomes illegal when perks including cash are offered. Short of that, Adidas and KU should work together in trying to sway talent to KU. If they can prove cash was involved or similar lures we could be in trouble. That hasn't been proven yet, and if they had that kind of evidence I think they would have unleashed that by now. So far so good, and with each passing day I breathe a little easier. "We good?" could have been Self referencing Adidas talking to the kid, and just asking 'did all the talks go well'? Adidas responded accordingly n the affirmative. Take out the innuendo that you are adding subjectively. Take the words at face value, and we are good!

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KU senior Lagerald Vick more vocal during Kansas basketball boot camp

Such negativity. To serve what purpose? I hope your day gets better!

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