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Big 12 (10) lives on

I would like to see Houston in the Big whatever it will be called, big market and fertile recruiting base already and given Big 12 money they could really become legit in all sports. Memphis would be fun for BB and would open up a pretty decent sized market as well.

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Two Buffalo players follow Gill to KU

Both were two star linebackers out of HS. Guess we will have to see what they can do.

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Saint Mary's stuns 'Nova to advance to Sweet 16

The only way that the Big East is better than any other major conference is that it has like 30 teams! The Big East had a few nice wins early in the season. But, with UCONN not making the dance and both NOVA and G-Town having early exits, it shows that the conference has been built up to be something it isn't.

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KU’s Self wins AP coach of year

Well deserved for HCBS he is one of the best in the game, now if X or Lance would just make a decision to come to KU, then Bill can put the 2010 NC in his crosshairs.

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Anderson pact has bonus

why would we give Self a bonus for beating Mizzou, that is just an expected outcome when we play them

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Analyzing the tournament, region by region

This article is garbage, I am sorry that I took the time to click on the link and skim through it.

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Don’t waste time: 10 bowls to watch

Who wants to watch NC State vs Rutgers? Boise vs TCU is much more appealing. There are some really bad bowl games this year: USF vs Memphis, Navy vs Wake Forest, and Vandy vs BC. I will make sure to catch every single BCS game and the KU game, but past that I will not make a special point of tuning in. Anybody that thinks losing DeMarco Murray will not hurt Oklahoma is an idiot. Losing your best kick returner, 1,000 yard rusher, and arguably most explosive offensive threat would hurt any team, I don't care who they are. So if Florida loses Percy Harvin, it won't hurt them either?

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Insight Bowl committee visits Lawrence

Do all Bowl committee guys get to travel around with 20 year old chicks? Not too bad of a job I would imagine.

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J-W staff's Big 12 bowl picks

Oklahoma 49, Florida 42Texas 42, Ohio State 20Texas Tech 56, Ole Miss 28Oklahoma St 30, Oregon 27Mizzou 42, Northwestern 28Clemson 28, Nebraska 21Kansas 49, Minnesota 28Big 12 projected record: 6-1

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Minnesota at a glance

10th in the Big 10 in pass defense, I like the sound of that. It looks like if we hold onto the ball we should be in good shape against these guys.

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