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Chalmers, Wright to return to K.C. for exhibition

Not sure I understand how Julian was ever a lottery pick, was it just based on his potential upside? I really liked the guy, but I seem to remember so many "what the $#$ was he thinking" moments, that sometimes we wondered why he was getting that much PT at the college level.

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Langford hitting his stride overseas

Keith has more skill getting to the rim than Kirk, but neither of them has the size to rely solely on that slashing game at the NBA level. Keith was not a good outside shooter in his college days. At his height, he would need to be to make it in the league. Kirk is a clutch outside shooter. Kirk is a great floor leader, which Keith may or may not be (at KU he didn’t need to be). Kirk’s not necessarily a “better” player than Keith, but he’s a very different player. He is a better defender and a better outside shooter, and at their size that skill set translated better to the pro game. Loved watching them both wear the Crimson and Blue, and wish both all the best.

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Integrity at issue, not ability

A newspaper that only reports the news that sounds dramatic, or might have been previously unknown publicly... jeez, almost sounds like they're trying to run a business or something.

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Jayhawk Flashback: Roy Williams introductory press conference, July 8, 1988

Get over it already. Roy didn't leave KU for UNC because it a better school, or a better job, he left because a program for which he cared deeply, and which he was a part of for most of his life, was in a shambles and they asked him to come right their ship. The man went to help people that he cared about, and he went home. You can't begrudge him that.

As for making promises that he didn't keep, I have two points to keep in mind. First, it's virtually impossible for any coach any where to avoid breaking promises eventually. Can you imagine a coach going into a recruit's home and saying "heck, I might be back next year, I might be gone...." The most they can promise is that, at the current time, they plan to be back. And sooner or later, all odds say that those plans will change.

That leads to my second point: I think Roy's "promises" (I don't ever recall him actually saying "I promise", but that's another issue).. anyway, I believe his "promises" can be chalked up to the naivete of a rookie coach, who said what he felt at the time. And I believe he meant and believed it at the time. Realistically, before he'd coached a game at KU, he was an unknown who many KU fans felt was underserving. Do you really think he saw himself being courted by UNC? Maybe eventually, but not on that day.

The only sour grape for me is the manner in which the transaction was executed. I think that UNC's open courtship of a coach who was in the middle of the Final Four shows an unconscienable lack of class and sportsmanship. With the media circus surrounding Roy, and all the distractions that went with it, look how close KU came to winning it all. I'm not saying we would have won, but if UNC had waited another week to can Doherty, that's a week I sure would like to do over. Unabashed arrogance. Total lack of class.

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KU football offers half-season packages

While we are all I-can't-wait-'til-September excited about this year, am I the only one who wonders who will lead the Hawks' offense when Todd graduates? How is it that with so explosive an offense, so many offensive weapons at hand, and the opportunity to put up ridiculous stats, we don’t have two or three top-flight young QBs lining up to compete to be Todd’s understudy this year and bust out on their own next year? We have a QB named “Pick”. After the Spring Game, he is generally described as “improving”. Is that really all we’ve got? Is he definitely that good (or, that “improved”)? Is there another undiscovered gem like Todd waiting in the wings? Sorry, not a big all the eggs in one basket kind of guy.

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