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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories -Including how you cared for your little sister under such tragic circumstances..You are an inspiration to us all. I wish you great success and happiness. I hope, as part of your success, you will continue your education.

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Kansas underdog … on paper

This is so exciting!! KU has had so many great wins over the years; including by this team. In 2008, North Carolina and Memphis were supposed to be better than KU but KU won. For me, this team and the way they play together has the same feel as Danny and the Miracles.- but with more players that can deliver miracles. In addition to Mr. Robinson, Messrs Taylor, Releford, Johnson, Withey, Teahan, Young, Tharpe,and Wesley have all had tremendous games and are capable of changing the game,

I admire the magnanimity of the KU players for spotting the opposition several points in the first half but I hope you won't do that this game. I hope you have fun.

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Roy Williams still fan of Jayhawks

Like other KU fans, I was disappointed when coach Williams left but I think all of us understood the siren call of our alma maters. Coach Williams enhanced the basketball traditions at KU and, for that, every KU fan should be grateful. With the hiring of Coach Self, the sting of losing Coach Williams has gone. Both KU and UNC have Hall of Fame coaches. I wish Coach Williams and his coaching staff (many of whom were at KU) well.
I am so excited about the KU basketball programs (men and women) this year. The KU men and women have exceeded expectations and are playing great basketball. ROCK CHALK!!

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

A WONDERFUL WIN LADIES!!!! Congratulations on a superb team effort. The announcers commented repeatedly on the quality of the coaches’ game plan and the execution by the team. With this win, combined with the Nebraska win, I am confident you can win it all.

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Kansas women knock off Nebraska in first round

Wonderful game! Beating a good team like Nebraska should give you the confidence you can win any game! Rock Chalk!

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Carolyn Davis to miss rest of season with dislocated knee, torn ACL

My sincere condolences Ms. Davis. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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KU women lose Davis to injury, fall to K-State, 47-43

Ms Davis, I wish you a very quick recovery. Lady Jayhawks you played so well. It was an exciting game.

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Slump busted: Kansas’ Conner Teahan regains trey form

At the beginning of the season, coach Self said, despite a loss of considerable talent, this would be a fun team to watch and that certainly has been true. As a fan, it is gratifying to watch players be successful (on and off the court). We've come to expect stellar performances from Mr. Robinson and Mr. Taylor in particular. To watch Messrs. Teahan, Withey, Releford, Johnson, Young, Tharpe, and other Jayhawks play so well is particularly gratifying.

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Jeff Withey bears down

This was an amazing game. My son said he would be surprised if there was ever a 32-4 scoring difference between 2 top 10 teams. Messrs. Withey, Robinson, Taylor, Tehan, Releford and the other Jayhawks all played so well on defense and offense. Congratulatons to the players and coaches.

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KU women crush Texas, 85-61

Another very impressive win ladies!! Congratulations to the team and coaches.

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