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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Perfect opportunity for the college to begin charging for this event. Judging by the way the tv deals have gone, I'd expect to have to pay (more than a can of soup) to enter Late Night next year.

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Late Night offers first look at KU stars


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And so it begins: Freshman Wiggins, Jayhawks set for season

Same here, but funny the commercial prior tot he clip will play, lol.

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Kansas basketball Media Day

Definitely like these jerseys better now after seeing these pics.

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Trio of Jayhawk freshmen projected atop NBA Draft

ADIDAS: Just stick with some clean, plain, classic uni's with an old school font... nothing flashy, that way the sweet play of the jayhawks can shine through without silly jersey designs distracting.

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Trio of Jayhawk freshmen projected atop NBA Draft

Comments about the uni's are in response to the latest news happening, which at the time of this article was NEW UNIFORMS. Feel free to worry about the play of this year's team as it's not even here yet.

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Trio of Jayhawk freshmen projected atop NBA Draft

The uniforms are just ok, nothing special... Adidas could certainly keep some tradition yet make a sweet looking uniform. Adidas sort of hides the Jayhawk here by making it small and up under the waist.
I agree with another post; these look a little walmart-ish.
-- Wonder if the red unis will have blue shoulders...

I think they should mimic the 88' jerseys they wore recently, those were top notch IMO.

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Self, KU players ready to get back to work after time off

I think #10 in the pic is Barry Sanders.

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New KU TV deals may limit handful of hoops games


you're the best =)

... thanks for the correction..

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