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Conner Frankamp says he made 400 of 410 shots on his best day

Wow! 400 out of 410, Sweet shooting Conner! Welcome to Kansas! RCJH

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Joel Embiid happily signs for campers

HCBS called him JoJo in the radio interview I heard... If Coach Self calls him JoJo, with ALL due respect to Jo Jo White, I will call him JoJo, too.

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Andrew Wiggins arrives in Lawrence, will begin summer school this week

We had 1 returning starter, no McD AA's, and had a former walk-on and a junior college transfer coming off the bench... AND they almost lost to us.

Their basketball arena is named after a Jayhawk. UK = yuck

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Ryan Robertson comes ‘full-circle’

I knew you were just funnin', but I thought you would like that story about Ryan's "Baby Jay." I wonder how many years he planned that? There's a video of Ryan and his wife telling the story around somewhere.

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Ryan Robertson comes ‘full-circle’

If it makes you feel any better, Ryan nicknamed his son, J.D., BabyJay. His wife had NO idea what Baby Jay meant until seeing the Baby Jay display at The Phog. She looked at the exhibit, and turned to Ryan, and exclaimed, "Is THAT why you call our son, Baby Jay?" You gotta love a man who is willing to pull that one over on his Tiger Bride.

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Rio Adams might stay

It was Jeff Hawkins.

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Rio Adams might stay

I am glad he's decided to stay... I hope it works out that he can. RCJH Rio. I know I made a few bad decisions when I was his age, and would love to have another chance to make a better choice.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

I loved the way Elijah looked over at Coach Self when the booing started, thought about whether or not he needed to rescue his Coach, used ESP (Elijah's Sacred Power) to dispatch the cop instead, and continued on with his interview with Holly without missing a beat.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

No one complained about Michael Jordan dunking in the final seconds of North Carolina's 74 - 62 win over Maryland in 1984.

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