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Self: Mykhailiuk deserves to start

I know it's an exhibition game. And, what is that supposed to mean any
way this is KU basketball ... these kids have never started a college basketball game and this is HUGE for them. The coaches know this. It would be small minded to NOT understand Self and his coaches have in-depth conversations about what it means to start certain players -- good call Suzi. While it won't matter in 2 months it does now.

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Self: Mykhailiuk deserves to start

Who would have ever thought Svi would beat out KO? There is no way he is as good on D as KO, which is usually big in Self's book. Self has stated several times KO is our best perimeter defender. I think this is more to give Svi and his supporters/potential recruits back home a fist pump...maybe help land some other International players we are looking at. Svi won't be starting against Kentucky unless KO has made negative improvement on his shooting.

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Self: Jayhawks can shoot the three

He won't play PF either. This is the usual talk that floats around. He will play the 3 most of the time and 2 others.

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Self: Jayhawks can shoot the three

Right on - Wayne will never be a PG at Kansas. I have no idea why people would ever post this if they have watched him try and play point. He is an incredible 2 or 3 and that's it. There are 3 other players on the team that are far and away better at handling the ball no reason to keep bringing that

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Self: Jayhawks can shoot the three

You got her good Lance - good job stud.

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Self: Jayhawks can shoot the three

Agree Glen ... I think many of the people on this board need to take a couple weeks off and get some perspective. There are usually 3-4 jabs on Perry's defensive abilities no matter what the article is about...good grief. They think they are being honest so that makes it a productive fan board - good grief.

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Self: Jayhawks can shoot the three

It's called 'being a freshman'...

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Perry Ellis ‘honored’ by preseason attention

Wow! All this negativity for someone we need to get behind he will be or top inside scorer. Perry shot a tremendous percentage for a sophomore and has more moves to get a shot (decent shot) than any player on the team. I have never understood the frustration with Perry. IMO people get frustrated because he does miss some shots that are perceived as 'easy' but this is a compliment as he has an incredible arsenal of moves to put himself in those positions and will shoot an even higher percentage this year. His defense will be better. You don't win unless you put the ball in the bucket we need players that excel at scoring even if they give a little more on defense than some would like. If anyone saw Cliff play in high school with the games on tv it was clear he is a force on put backs but had a below average shooting touch. Fans will be screaming for Perry to get the ball this year. Our guards struggle to keep anyone in front of them yet Perry is consistently knocked for defense I don't get it.

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Gator Bait: KU basketball chomped, 67-61, by No. 19 Florida

The reason Ellis is not scoring is WE DONT GET HIM THE BALL, we don't have any point guards! Or shooters (well shooters that are punishing the zone, but they will come around). Mason wasn't even a point guard in high school (re-occurring theme = EJ), Tharpe was known as a shooter, not a passer or playmaker...he hasn't gotten much better at KU. If Ellis got the ball closer than 15 from the basket he would score all day. Mason is not close to Ty, he will never ever be able to play defense like Ty, and he will never be able to finish in high level talent scenarios like Ty, consistently! He was blocked last night, and in one situation was out of control and fell on his side, about a 5 foot drop, His is a nice player but not KU level talent, if we want to win big. Self needs to hire an assistant that can recruit point guards, since the Selby fiasco other coaches have been able to convince elite point guards that KU is a bad deal...Mason almost went to Towson,....

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Gator Bait: KU basketball chomped, 67-61, by No. 19 Florida

Wow - talk about the posting police. People get emotionally invested in the game and come on here and post things that are fabrications, not a big's therapy for some, and also fun at times to go nutty. We aren't journalists and in 2 days who will care what's on this web page.....

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