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Notebook: KU's special teams impress; LB Ben Heeney deals with cramps

He wasn't gone, he just didn't play. He was on the sidelines in a jersey and shorts, no pads.

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Opinion: Final floor worth it for memories, charity

In case you missed my earlier reply - Please change the cell number you've listed. It's incorrect. The person with that number has replied to a text and let me know it's not Mr. Jones. LJW - Please post the correct info so those of us interested can help out

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Opinion: Final floor worth it for memories, charity

Hilariously, the LJW listed the wrong cell number. The poor guy with that number has been getting calls all day - including one from me. Nice fact checking LJW!!

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Online reaction to KU's alternate jerseys; Baylor coach Scott Drew takes a funny spill

I wish Pay Heed had a daily installment! Impossible I know, but I can't get enough

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KU dominating opponents in dunks

Jesse - Is there a different category under which you can file these? My favorite parts of the website are when you do a deep breakdown of the stats, but whatever heading these are put under don't show up on the mobile site. Which means sometimes I miss them and there's no worse fate for a kenpom following stat junky.

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Thomas Robinson is asked his reaction to Detroit forward Eli Holman's comments

I think we, as the patrons of this media outlet have a right to know which journalist asked him if he was over the deaths of his family. It was absolutely disgusting. And I would love to know what question was removed earlier, because I bet it was a more colorful version of what we're all feeling.

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Wait and see: KU must sweat out NCAA seed

Jaybate - I have to admit I don't normally read all the way through your posts. They're usually long and this is the age of instant gratification. But after reading your reply to what I consider to be the single most ignorant thing ever posted on the internet, you've converted me into a fan.

The person who wrote that has never coached a minute of basketball or is simply a troll. Well done jaybate, well done

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Monday Rewind: Oklahoma State; Clock ticking on Turner Gill?

Matt - great article. I'm a KU fan/grad who doesn't want to see a coaching carousel force us to rebuild every 24 months. You recognized that people are calling for Gill's job and wrote a pretty balanced view outlining that. I appreciate it and I feel like the people claiming you're trying to get someone fired must have read a different newspaper.

Thanks - good stuff.

And personally I hope they keep Gill for at least another full season after this. People quickly forget that Mangino's last team had 10x the talent of this team and still lost it's last 7 games. No one in the country comes in and wins immediately in that situation.

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Recap: KU plays the part of bully against UMKC

You're still not comparing apples to apples. Go by the % of offensive rebounds obtained of the available and you get a different story.

None of the players on your list, with the exception of Brandon Rush, grab more than 2.3% of the available offensive rebounds. If you're going to compare him to someone on this team, at least with similar physical attributes (height being the first to go with) look at Travis. Bradon = 6.3% Travis is over 9%. Of the remaining players, Russ Rob is best at 2.3 but Brady is second with 2.1. Elijah and Mario tie at 1.5%.

But the part that I originally disagreed with is that our guards aren't pulling their weight vs the efficiency of our post men. Go back to 2008.

As a team this year we have 6 players who get over 8% of the available O Rebs. They are all posts or guard/post combos. Of the 5 who rated this highly in 2008 ALL of them are post players except Rod Stewart.

You said originally "Anyways, the point here is that the guards aren't pulling their load when it comes to attacking the offensive glass, forcing Thomas and Markieff to carry much of the extra load."

The team you reference as the one WE KNOW is good, had the same disparity. Guards are never going to be on an even playing field, nor should they be. Maybe that team was slightly better at offensive rebounds from the guard position but not that much. Take Bill Self's best Illinois trio of Brown, WIlliams and Head. Their best rebounder on the offensive end only got 2.3% of the available O Rebs - barely better than Brady Morningstar this year.

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