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Notebook: Jeff Withey says morale 'pretty low'

KU's offense has been struggling since at least the beginning of conference play. I'm used to seeing a KU team scoring in the 80s and even the 90s normally the last decade or so and this past month I've seen KU, even in the case of winning, only up into the 50s late in the second half. The surprise about last night was to WHO and HOW.....TCU was just as pathetic if not worse offensively (FT's clanking at the end and even an airball). KU should have lost to ISU in Lawrence....and everyone knows that was an extremely fortunate comeback helped out by ISU. Texas led KU for half a game....KSU goes 9-30 from the arc in only a 4-5 point loss. Likely, KU will right the ship enough to hold onto the conference title but this squad is going nowhere in the NCAA tourney....certainly nowhere close to the FF.

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KU coach Turner Gill (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

This Tressel talk by some on this thread his HILARIOUS. The man is being talked about as the replacement for the current Colts coach in Indianapolis when he finally gets the axe in the next year or two. Tressel would NEVER stoop as low as to come to KU in football and play second fiddle to the b-ball program. Glen Mason, Mango....that about as good as it will EVER get at KU.

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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

Maybe Bill Self should help out by digging into his pockets to see Gill off? BTW, Lew Perkins did more to torpedo KU's football program than Jon Wefald did by overruling Tim Weiser and hiring Ron Prince.

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KU football has chance at upset against K-State

I love how some are pimping KU's "efforts" vs. OU. OU took that game off and it was painfully obvious from the get go. Lost track how many flat out drops OU's WR's had not to mention Landry missing wide open WR's in the endzone. SIX whopping yards by KU in the second half. Nah, that game was nowhere near as close as even 47-17 would suggest, especially with a fluke TD play early in the first half that never occurs again in such a situation.

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KU football has chance at upset against K-State

Utterly stupid assessment. KSU is by far and away more talented across the board on defense. How can this even be considered when KU's defense is ranked dead last in the country?!!!

Sorry, name one linebacker more talented than A. Brown or T. Walker. You don't. KSU's DB's don't get torched like KU's do...can't be more talented then. Even KSU's D-line has now surpassed KU's. The only position where KU has even a remote argument would be at QB. RB's are about the same and WR's...well, that's an avalanche in favor of KSU once again. Delusional still describes portions of the KU football fan base to a 'T' still. Good luck in that bowl game this year....Not even two full weeks in to October and KSU is already a lock.

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Big 12 fall football preview: As new-look conference moves forward, league crown remains OU's to lose

Apparently last season doesn't register with Texashawk10 here. You smack about KSU returning nothing proven, yet they bring back much of the team that absolutely CRUSHED KU to death....and they bring back virtually nothing proven. KU finishes in the tank....guaranteed. The only question is if they win one conference game or none.

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Two successors stand above the rest to replace Kansas coach Mark Mangino

Stanford is a better football coaching gig than KU. Stanford has much more football tradition than KU. On top of that, KU won't offer more than $2 million to start and Stanford can easily match that. It would be a step down.

What nobody is mentioning is that Stanford is just a step away from being able to win the Pac 10. KU will never be anywhere near winning the Big XII.

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Kansas only half bad

"Iowa State's defense is no worse than K-State's"

Really? Stats through half the season prove otherwise. Total Defense rankings in conference as of Oct. 14:


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