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KU athletics department says $58.8 million debt 'manageable'

I take the article with a grain of salt. They are just listing out all the mortgages or renovation projects we did. It's like a home equity loan to make improvements on your house and you are paying for it over many years. The LJW makes a good way of painting it in a different light that's for sure. It's really a worthless article. I would say we should have plenty of money to buy gill out with just university funds and probably wouldn't need private but I know BGL won't go for that. I'm pretty impressed that we only have this amount of debt. In america if you don't have some sort of debt you aren't trying hard enough.

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No. 17 Longhorns clobber Cyclones

We have won 1 game in Ames in probably the last 15 years and it took the 2008 team winning in the 4th Quarter to do that. We ain't winning that one this year but it is probably our best chance to try and compete for a win. 2-10 this year.

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2011 Legends of the Phog Alumni Game

The former players I saw there that weren't playing included

Kevin Pritchard
Mark Randle
Jeff Gueldner
Mike Maddox
Chris Piper
Sean Pearson
Jeff Carey
Eric Chenowith
Greg Gurley but he works for KU
Moulaye Niang

Gooden had a 30th BIrthday party already planned with friends and family, Hinrich's wife was giving birth at any moment. Don't know about Vaughn. I'm guessing Walters and Turgeon are getting ready for the season. That was a good time though.

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Big 12 Media Days, Day 2: KU sets goal of 'Going to Mass Street'; Jeremiah Hatch trims down; Gill says communication better in Year 2

I guess there is no sunshine for the comments today. I think year 3 is what we should be looking at and to be an improved football team. Need to start the season 2-0 to even think about 4 wins. I just want to have a shot in the 4th Quarter in some games this year. The Fire Gill talk is really getting annoying. Give the guy a chance. If there isn't improvement through the half way point this year then by all means let the talk begin but lets have some hope to start the season instead of thinking of the worst before it even begins.

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Football spoils homecoming vibe

At the rate we're going KU has had their 2 worst losses to unranked teams in School History this year so far. The worst loss to an unranked team previously was in 1979 when we lost to Missouri 55-7. As far as the Terry Allen Years being bad. I think we will be just hoping we can win some of the games that we won during those years. We were at least 3-2 vs MU and actually won games in the Big 12 here and there and were somewhat competitive. Allen's worst loss was to KSU in 1998 6-54 but they were ranked #4 in the country. Could have probably passed a hat around at the KSU game this year and funded the 8 Million buyout.

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Quigley newly inspired

He does run hard. Link to Gideon Hit.

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KU mulls Gridiron Club

Think big idea and long term. Build more suites on the east side and make it an actual suite instead of trying to do little gimicky things like the south endzone. Also any word on when the track is going to be coming out. I think that is the first issue they need to look at so the fans can get closer to the field.

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Fresh-faced Jayhawks wave hello to KU

They do it every monday before school starts, and from what I remember as a freshman anyone could just show up if they wanted but it was mainly gauge towards the incoming freshman.

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Kicker Hoge leaves KU football team

you beat me to it

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Kicker Hoge leaves KU football team

Can Kerry Meier kick field goals?

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