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Allen Fieldhouse floor getting spruced up

Best recognizable and unique mascot in college sports bar non. Gotta run with it full bore. Could be worse. We could be known for an obscenely bright football field like Boise or the worst UNI's ever like Oregon U......

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Is K-State football on brink?

K-Blah, blah blah blah blah blah....... tell me I'm dreaming and this is the Manhattan mercury NOT

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Legacy recruit on KU’s radar

There were many great mustaches back then, including my own. Nolan Cromwell did well in that department. Does anybody remember the nickname a lot of the KU students started using for Sanders????

I remember many students yelling for the "Colonel", Brad Colonel Sanders...... Fun time.....

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Recruiting hot topic for KU coach Bill Self

So many post and so few have any credible knowledge of what they are talking about. How many times have you seen any ANY AAU kids play? 98% of the folks on this board don't even know where to go to see a game or could tell you the name of a team these kids play on. Yet they are on this board telling everyone how good or bad Bill Self is doing recruiting. I frankly don't care about your opinions. We pay that man a lot of money and it's his job to do the best he can with what he gets. After being beaten by teams that have 5 starters that never come close to a top 50 rating I'm sure he cares less and less just what the kid is rated and more and more on how he see's the kid fitting in and contributing here at KU. Richard Scott sure wasn't at the top of everyones list. Nor was a Steve Woodberry but who wouldn't take either of these guys for our team right now. I believe and after that I'll live with the results...

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Show stoppers: Ballyhooed recruits live up to hype

Both parents are JHawks so I'd hope so....

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Missouri baseball rallies past KU

I know. It sort of conjures up a vision of wild thing where no one including the pitcher knew where the ball was going only adding to the effectiveness of the pitches that were over the plate for srtikes.....

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Senior guard Tyrel Reed called his shot against Missouri

I just hope Brady yelled DOA to them afterwards because that's what they got from their team....

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Seventh heaven: Jayhawks beat Missouri, claim league title outright

If it's Evil to feel this good after beating MU in their house........... Then call me the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Which best describes your reaction to KU being ranked No. 1?

I agree with 86. The heck with jinx, hex, bad vibes, karma, etc..... A good team overcomes any of that mumbo jumbo.

It is about match ups and who is seated in our region. This team will need to earn the right to move based on peaking at the right time and playing good basketball. If we don't then we don't deserve to move on.

I like the idea of kicking some tail and doing it in their backyard....

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