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Keegan: Hiring Ole Roy took guts

What are you talking about jhawker137. Roy knows it is not his trophy. IT is the UNC basketball programs trophy. He will still be proud of it and earned it no matter who you say recruited the kids. Plus you are not too smart if you think that in the couple of years MD was there he actually had anything to do with who came there to play. Those are still DSmith's recruits and came to play because of the name UNC not RW or MD or anyone else. Your argument is also flawed in that Roy coached those kids from being a losing team to a National Championship in no time at all. There is something to be said about working through a transition, having to change the game plan and still being able to win. I also wish that Roy would have stayed and won a NC for KU, but that is life and now it doesn't matter. I hope that BS will win one for KU and as always Go Hawks!!! Maybe in the future you should just read and learn and do a lot less writing.

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Five more years

gotta love this forum stuff
especially since Joe Holliday's kid can get a plug in for him. How does one say that there is an argument to replace COACH SELF (notice my correction to the respect request) with Joe Holliday? Coach Self's numbers are horrible when you compare them to Pat Summit's. We should hire her to coach out team. Maybe GA from UConn. They both have more national titles than all of the previous KU coaches combined.
If they do not win a championship in the next 2 years then I am done being a Jayhawk. I am handing back my degrees, I am quitting the job that I have because of the degrees, I am selling the house that I bought with the money from the job from the degrees from my years at KU. Of course if I had this kind of a** backwards logic I would have gone to MU or KSU in the first place. If you don't like Bill Self and they are not winning enough championships for you then feel free to support what ever team happens to win the tourney every year and get the hell our backs. Of course you might only be complaining because you have nothing to do with the time be when you have spent your welfare check and the next 30.06 days until the next one arrives.

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Five more years

possibly the reason that people rely on the tournament game stats is because it is the only game they actually watch all year???

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Five more years

Self is a great coach. The landscape of college basketball is shifting, but he seems to be staying ahead of the learning curve. With the shift in the NBA game style and the fact that USA basketball is not dominating the way they use to it is also shifting the way the college game is played and the kids that come in to play for programs. Also, kids are getting more ideal training at a younger age and thus we have more talent througout. There is less variance between the power houses and the mid-majors. In five years it may there may not be a mid-major argument. KU is not even close to being the only monster program to lose a game that everyone said was a gimme. Self is able to get the best out of players. He also does well to instil the team concept for all not just for the starters. I liked RW and thought he was a good coach, but I also think Self is a good coach too. Let's not be a UCLA and shoot ourselves in the foot and throw out a great coach because we want a national championship every year. Hell we are still Kansas and we are still the best program in college basketball to ever grace God's green Earth. Put the energy into supporting Self and we can all be part of the continued tradition of excellence!

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Woodling: Begging by KU improper

I was a little disheartened by the comments that sports are a part of the student life at school. I believe that you will find that there are far fewer athletes at KU than non-athlete students. The primary concern for the university is to grant an education, but there are still departments that need better equipment, facilities, and even teachers. Keep a little focus. The students that have chosen to also be athletes are people who strive to do more, but it does not mean that they are any better than the students who do not. There is such a stigma around Title IX that it tends to push out the average student to say that the debate should be limited to student athletes. I would think that there has been more Alumni revenue over the years from the average student than the average student athlete. How about if the rowing team, who are a great group of people, at least those in the past that I have known, look for ways to get the community more involved and find creative ways to work with the student body to generate the neccessary funds to support their sport.
It is time for all involved to think outside the box and get away from feeling that they are owed something and learn that college is about earning something to better ourselves!

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