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KU-Oklahoma to kick off at 2:30 p.m., Oct. 19

I see what you did there.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

So who is going to want to kick in big bucks to upgrade the stadium? And for what reason? So it's a bit more special to watch the KU football get rolled time and time again? Football has always been an afterthought at KU. The administration has never cared.

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Box score breakdown: Don't blame KU's defense for Texas Tech's 54-point outburst

You can talk about defense or better players all you want. It doesn't really matter. In the end, KU got rolled, and will likely continue to get rolled more often than not. KU hasn't really shown that it cares about football over the years; it's just an afterthought to hoops. Until it does, this is what we're going to get over and over. Good luck getting the spigots opened for stadium renovation funds at this point.

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KU's most exciting player earns top spot

What makes you think the admins even care? Perkins couldn't wait to fire Mangino, then hired the incompetent Gill, then KU followed that up with Mr. I Am an Offensive Genius with A Schematic Advantage Weis who runs all sorts of bizarre plays that don't work and have people cursing and throwing things.

KU has never really cared about football. That's why we are where we are.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Good luck on fundraising for stadium renovations.

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Charlie Weis talks after loss to Texas Tech (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

All Weis has to say is, "I am a clown and have no idea what I'm doing".

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After long wait, KU football shows off 5 new helmets

The '41 Warhawk on the while helmet, with a red and a blue stripe spaced about an inch or so apart down the center, would absolutely rock.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

How exactly is this a win? What is wrong with Marchiony and Zenger?

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KU football lands two oral commitments

I agree. Dominant is far too optimistic, and probably unrealistic. Competitive is a better goal. Gotta be competitive before you can even think about dominance.

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KU football coach Charlie Weis expected to name starting QB on Tuesday

"If Wies plays Crist any more this season, then it shows you that Wies is not thinking of the future of KU football."

I'm not buying this. Whether Crist or Cummings starts the remainder of the season really doesn't have much to do with the future. The QB position will not be decided this year. You can't play Heaps and the remaining QBs are likely not ready. There isn't much left for this season except to continue to evaluate and work with the available talent at all positions on both offense and defense. It we happen to pull out a win somewhere, then all the merrier.

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