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T-Rob living large before NBA draft

Except for the fact that it's very illegal to put cash in a safe deposit box..

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KU seniors to be honored tonight

Definitely one of my favorites too! All 5 seniors started, and all scored double digits and I think we hung something like 120 on Tech. I seem to remember something else good happening a few weeks later...

Other memorable senior nights: Collison & Hinrich's when Eddie Sutton came over to the KU benck and congratulated them,
Jeff Boshee's in 2002 when Roy sent out 6 players to start.
And of course, last but not least, Simien, Langford, Lee and Miles on the 50th Anniversary of AFH. Simien went off for something like 25 & 20 and of course the greatest senior speech of all time: "Ya'll better get comfortable, because I've been waiting 22 years for this night".

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

If our main goal was to not , God forbid, offend anyone, then there would be no more chanting: "airball", "you let the whole team down", yelling as the other team shoots free throws, "booing" as the other team enters the gym, holding up papers as they are announced, rudely disrupting the other team's huddle with the loud pump-up video, etc. I completely understand the ridding of the "home of the chiefs" chant, because it is disrespectful to our country. But come on, offending the other team by yelling "over-rated"? I dont think we need to worry about offending the other team. Thats what gives AFH the intimidation factor, as well as a key contributor to making it the hardest place to play as an opponent in the country!

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It’s time for RPI to RIP

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Talking Tim Tebow: Ex-Jayhawk Chris Harris happy to have quarterback on his side in Denver

As a chiefs fan as well, I reeeeealy hope Tebow wins his next 3 games. Because if he wins the Super Bowl, then they will have to start him again next year, and obviously the Broncos could never win with him as the starting quarterback!

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Lawrence commissioners considering renaming street after former KU football coach Don Fambrough

Yeah man if you're anything but an obama lover, then you must be one of those fox news right-wing nut jobs! By the way you wanna go smoke some dope later?

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Thoughts on Marcus and Markieff Morris, Jeff Van Gundy and Josh Selby

Please tell me you are joking about Van Gundy...

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A quick look at KU's 2-deep depth chart... the way I see it

I dont remember Lewendowski being any bigger than 240lbs coming in. When did they move him to DT?

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